Wednesday 31 October 2012

31 Days of Samhain: Day 31: Happy Samhain:

As we make passage on the River Styx

I know not what lies ahead,
less of what I’ve left behind,
but I will go to complete
my preterdained journey to the otherworld
as the Ferryman leaves me off
and guides his boat
back to earthly shores.
Kaaren Whitney, The Ferryman

Oh my loves we have made the journey, learned new crafts, watched some awesome movies, created our Samhain oils & incense, released our old goals and made our Celtic New Year's goals.  It's the end of the Celtic Year and the morrow brings a new one, a new dawning and a new beginning. Today at the thinnest point of the veil, we honor out ancestors, those that have come and gone. Light a candle for those who's family lines have died out, those ancestors you may never know and welcome the beloved ones who have passed.

Today is a day to reflect, predict the future & reconnect to Spirit. Wishing you the best and warmest of Samhain blessings. May only those you have loved and miss visit you tonight, and let the lanterns do their best and scare away those spirits that have no lessons to share.

Remember to stay safe, have fun and as always, 
Walk in Light and Love

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