Monday 12 November 2012

It's HERE: Falalala Yule Movie Time

Oh my gosh, it's one of my favorite parts of the Yule season. It's the movies, the music, the family functions the parties, but oohhh the movies. I can't wait to see some of them and i even found a place to help with me addiction. It's called It's a Wonderful Movie, this blog has a list and schedule and movie ratings, that are too awesome.

You can check out the full list & schedule here: Christmas 2012 Schedule

Some of the movies I'm looking forward to are:
A Princess for Christmas
Moonlight & Mistletoe
Dear Santa

My Holiday Favorites which I will be watching again & again are:
  • Holidays in Handcuffs, 
  • The Polar Express
  • Home Alone, 
  • Miracle on 34th Street,  
  • The Good Witch's Gift, 
  • Desperately Seeking Santa, 
  • 12 Men of Christmas, 
  • Love Actually, 
  • This Christmas, 
  • 12 Dates of Christmas,  
  • The Family Man
  • Nightmare before Christmas
  • Christmas Cupid. 
There are so many more I can't wait to watch because there is more coming out everyday. I can't wait to dive into all these cheesy movies, & crazy plot lines all centered around the miracle of Yule!!!

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