Saturday 17 November 2012

Book Review: Treachery In Death #32

Book Title: Treachery In Death # 32
Author: JD Robb
Publisher: Putnam Books
Format: Hardcover
Cost: $7.99 (for Kindle & Paperback)
Pages: 375
How I got it: 
My Rating:★★★★☆
Erotica Rating: N/A
Detective Eve Dallas and her partner, Peabody, are following up on a senseless crime—an elderly grocery owner killed by three stoned punks for nothing more than kicks and snacks. This is Peabody's first case as primary detective—good thing she learned from the master. But Peabody soon stumbles upon a trickier situation. After a hard workout, she's all alone in the locker room when the gym door clatters open; and-while hiding inside a shower stall trying not to make a sound—she overhears two fellow officers, Garnet and Oberman, arguing. It doesn't take long to realize they're both crooked—guilty not just of corruption but of murder. Now Peabody, Eve, and Eve's husband, Roarke, are trying to get the hard evidence they need to bring the dirty cops down—knowing all the while that the two are willing to kill to keep their secret.

My Review:
This was a grab you by the throat book. For the first time it's all about Delia Peabody, Eve's right hand gal, from the first to the last you really felt involved in this tale. This has to be one of my favorites in the entire series, especially because Delia gets to run point.  This is one of the great books in the series, to me it's on par with Celebrity In death, everything about this one is great, from the plot, the pacing, the story, the character development, everything adds together to give a great story.

I loved that for the first time it wasn't about Eve and the bad guy, we actually had awesome character development especially for Peabody, I loved the story's pace and the reveal even though It wasn't much of a mystery.  I was on the edge of my seat from the shower scene with Delia until the very end, I gasped when that Detective took a tumble, and was righteously angry when we found out that good cops had been killed, so this biotch could line her pockets. What I really want to know is:  If the father is such a great cop how comes he didn't realize his daughter was a bad cop?? From beginning to the end I was hooked and I read this perhaps the fastest I have read one of these in a long time.

Cons of the Story:
Eve's hard on to keep the case especially when it's clear it belong to Internal Affairs, yes clearly there must be others who are dirty but you're not IAB turn it over  or at least let them take the lead; and stop acting like your the ONLY cop in Central.

Eve really let her hatred for women come out in this one. Her passionate dislike for the female boss (yes I know why) but she really hated everything about the woman, the fact that she played the politics game, the way she dressed, the fact that she had a big office, or made her men actually dress like detectives. Everything opposite of Eve and Eve let it get to her. At the end, with that fight scene, even calling her a pansy for pulling her hair, but it was effective, it got you off her for a few minutes didn't it?? Le Sigh Eve, Le Sigh.

I actually enjoyed how it end Eve really proved herself I just love how well the book moved a definite must read.  There seems to be a novella between Indulgence and Treachery and that story appears to well worth the read, Robb has never hinted so strongly about a story before, must go read those anthologies now then

Happy Reading my loves

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