Tuesday 3 January 2012

12 Days of Mithra-mas Day 10

On the Tenth day of Yule, 
My true love sent to me
Ten Lords a Leaping
Nine Drummer Drumming
Eight Ladies Dancing
Seven Swans a Swimming
Six Geese a Laying
Five Gold Rings
Four Colly Birds
Three French Hens
Two Turtledoves 
& a Partridge in a Perdix

January 04
According to scholars, the 12 days of Christmas fell outside of the normal calendar, & as such these days were considered special intercalary days. In the Egyptian Calendar, there were several days at the end of each year, in which nothing about government was done, no work beyond making breakfast, no high worship days, & no trading was done on these days either.
Some state that the days of the 12 days represent each month of the new year and the weather was watched closely to see how the year's month would be. If we accept that then the 10th day represents October, during Hallowe'en the Celts drove their animals between fires to burn away any disease or 'evil' spirits. They also would leap over the flames or some walked between the twin flames. ( a la Jack Be Nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the Candlestick)
If we also trace the history of the carol, you will note that it was popular during the middle ages, as such it could be describing the menu of a Grand Feast, as well as it's activities, since there are drummers, as well as women dancing, one can conclude that the Lords are simply enjoying the music provided by the minstrels are doing the highly stylised dances of the middle ages.
How You can incorporate the Spirit of Today:

Dance like no one is watching!!! Turn on some seriously good music and just ham let your body move
Perform your own Bonfire ritual, have no space for a bonfire?? How about lighting two candles and jumping over them? or in between?
Purify your home with music, either drums or whatever you play, go throughout your home harmonising the energy of the home.
Take a 'leap' of faith, do something for someone today, believe a little more in a 'myth'
Joyfully and enthusiastically throw yourself into your day and let the spirit of the Leaping Lords run through you!!

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate the Leaping Lords have fun and be Blessed

Happy Conventional New Year!!

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