Saturday 7 January 2012

It's 2012 and the same old shyt just a different year...

Yesterday Mrs. B posted a link to a website (which I will not be linking to, no need to give the site unnecessary traffic) that had pirated books on their pages.  I'm a ebook fanatic, but come on, ebooks are way cheaper than the actual book, why steal it when you can pay a discounted price on Barnes and Noble or Amazon? They eventually took it down; after they had been contacted by several of the authors who wrote about it on Mrs.B's page, as well as someone from Llewellyn. I know I know so many people have issues with some of their books, but consider that for many many years they were the only ones publishing ANY books, other than authors or obscure hard to find college publishing companies, without Llewellyn, many of the companies that have come along wouldn't be there, and MANY of the authors who are out NOW wouldn't have had any books to read that sparked their interest which made them eventually write their own, so hate all you want, but they are necessary.
In response, Mrs. B formed an awesome group idea, you can find out more about it here. It has always been my policy of purchase two books and donate one tot he library, but I noticed that those books disappear fairly quickly, which goes back to people stealing because they don't want others to learn about the stuff, or people hanging on to it because they can't afford to purchase their own and want this copy. But I like Mrs. B's idea.

This week I personally was faced with the over sharing that takes place on the Internet; when I watched a video by a young woman who had pledged to my sorority then 'found God' (nothing wrong with that, grow, change embrace your faith), and made it her decision to SHARE all of our initiation rituals, pledging secrets and things only sorors should know on the fracking internet, because to her our organisation encouraged "pagan and idol worship because some our symbols are from the Greek mythology", O_o it's a GREEK sorority, of course we are going to have something Greek on our shield. She kept excusing her behaviour by saying she only owes God her word and not man, UMMM excuse me much, but these videos have shown your character, if you ever interview to work anywhere sensitive information your not getting that job. Why?? You don't know how to keep your mouth shut. You put your real name out there with these videos, you showed who you really are and you must deal with repercussions of this. Okay, you have decided you no longer agree with our policies and our traditions, turn in you pledge pin and go sit in a corner, no one needs to hear from you, there is no need to share all our information with those who haven't BUSTED THEIR ASSES TO EARN THE RIGHT TO KNOW!!! Pledging to any Greek Letter Organisation is a Privilege not a right!! As I watched the video I realised also she kept repeating that she owed no one anything, as if attempting to not just convince us, but herself, I could feel the disquiet that her actions caused her but she did them anyway, WHY? so you can say you  got back at the women you didn't get along with???  It's one thing if your faith has changed and you feel the need to speak up about something criminal or drastically wrong, but there are ways to do things that didn't include giving our information away. I just don't get it, You know what?? Whatever!!!

This incident was exasperated when out of curiosity I googled our ritual book and someone had posted the WHOLE fracking book online I mean really?? Do people not know what discretion is? Do people not understand that you have to earn the right to know our business? * Walking away before my blood pressure goes up*

This morning my sister went to our car which we parked only a few cars down from our normal spot and there was a hanger stuck inside the door, some Crackheaded fiend ( don't really know if they were on crack or not, but only a goddamn thief would pick my car, it's not the oldest car, nor is it the nicest, not sure why they choose my car) was attempting to steal our car, i was never so happy to have an old Toyota than I was at that moment because they couldn't use the hanger to pull up the lock, so they abandoned the project. Le Huge Sigh. I live next to Yale University, arguably one of the best colleges in the United States if not the World, I live on a quite street of older well maintained homes with lots of families and our condo building, it's not the 'ghetto' or even close, yet this came to our "nice" neighbourhood.  I don't know why I am surprised they opened a Apple store a few weeks ago, only two blocks away from me, and right next to the Yale Bookstore, and on it's first night they were robbed. I mean really?? And then people wonder why they can't have nice things? It's because of bullshyt moves like this.

The one highlight of my week? This is my YT buddy Fran, she makes awesome Loc videos, she also makes awesome, hilarious, poignant & socially relevant videos, this one?? Hits the nail on the head, and has blown up all over the place. I love it!!!

And with that here endeth, my first week of the New Year
YAYAY!! ( oh frack it I'm outta here for today, I also know there are probably a million and one (hyperbole I know) punctuation violations in this post, as well as linguistic errors, it is a rant, not my thesis)

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