Thursday 26 January 2012

Paranormal Telly: Dresden Files

Hey there readers:

As you can tell I have been recentely watching a lot of Netflix, I have shared my love of Blood Ties with Vicki Nelson, well there is now Harry Dreseden from the Dreseden Files. I have always been recommended the books but as always I'm stubborn and never looked into them, so when I saw on Netflix they have the show I though Huh why not??

I wasn't disappointed, this show is actually really good. I have never seen the actor who places Dresden and I was not disappointed, the story lines were great, moving fluidly without dragging and left the audience wondering what was coming up next. 

I really love the show because there is so many little witchy moments, especially when he casts his circles; the vision of his wards, it's all so awesome. It's one of the few shows I have seen where there is a little bit of truth to some of his workings.  The run on joke on the show is that he is a little too old to be "Harry" as in "Harry Potter". Harry's best friend lives in his own skull, I mean literally Bob was a wizard who did something really wrong for love and was trapped in his skull as punishment.
I love to watch shows and think five steps ahead and usually will guess the endings of the show, but with this show I sometimes found myself guessing wrong and wondering" WOW. why didn't I see that coming". The sad part? It only had one season. You can sill enjoy it thoughl make sure to check it out on Hulu as well as on Netflix. Best part? It's free!!

Have fun
Be Blessed


  1. I really enjoyed this show too! It's a shame there was only one season of it =( My friend and I watched it on Hulu. Haven't read the books yet but I'm slowly working on collecting them =D

    1. ohhh when you read them can you do a quick book review? so i know if they are worth picking up? Glad you loved the show as well. Be Blessed

  2. The Dresden Files was filmed in Toronto and my son was the sound techincian on it. The loft and all of the oddities belong to a real person living in Toronto. My son said it was the strangest loft he had ever seen. It was a lot of fun to film, a lot of the outdoor scenes that take place in woody areas was actually our Toronto Zoo.

    Glad you like the series,

    1. That is totally AWESOME!!! I would have loved to have met that person, that would have been cool. Man you guys get all the best shows!!!


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