Friday 20 January 2012

How are you doing on your 13 Goals?

Recently I have been transcribing my many notebooks into a online book of shadows *well not really online but in my computer anyway* with the ultimate goal of printing it out on parchment, 'aging' the pages & getting it bound. My locally owned print company is willing to do it for a pretty good price so why not?? Anywoo, as I was doing this I ran across so many things I had forgotten, including these, the 13 goals of a witch written by Scott Cunningham, looking at them I couldn't help but think, jeez this would make a good post, a look back at the basics, to see if I still have them down. Why not read on and see, and think to yourself: "How many of the 13 can I honestly say I have done or am constantly doing?"

Thirteen Goals of a Witch

Ø  Know yourself ~~ This one I'm pretty good at but each day I learn something new about myself
Ø  Know your Craft~~~ uh you learn something new everyday, especially by 'accident'
Ø  Learn~~~~ That's a given I read alot, try to practice as much of what I read as possible doesn't always work but hey at least i'm trying
Ø  Apply Knowledge with Wisdom~~~ Yeah if only, hindsight is 20/20, hell sometimes even better than that
Ø  Achieve Balance~~~ this is a daily/weekly struggle
Ø  Keep your thoughts in good order~~~ If only this always worked, Lupus fog is a bitch...what was i saying?
Ø  Keep your words in good order~~~ i gotta really get this one down, cause really, these awkward moments...not the life for me. At. ALL O_o
Ø  Celebrate Life~~~ Finally one I know I have pretty much down pat
Ø  Attune with the cycles of the Earth~~ A whole lot easier said than done, especially when you work countershifts to the rest of the world, when I'm just getting home, most people are waking up to start their day. hard to attune when your trying to sleep during the day. 
Ø  Breathe & Eat Correctly~~~ As I was typing this into my computer book of shadows I was eating a snickers bar, so yeah this one is one I'm working on constantly
Ø  Exercise the Body~~~  Ha!! This is a big fat FAIL, check back to attune to cycles, I swear I'm getting better than before.. Le huge sigh
Ø  Meditate~~ Another one I'm pretty good at, but I'm now finding I need to change my routine to get a better meditation schedule down. Well at least I'm not falling asleep anymore
Ø  Honor the Goddess and the God~~~ and of course this one is a given, I talk to them like they are my friends, while walking, cleaning, taking a shower, heck they see you in all your 'glory' and know you inside and out, might as well talk to them like they are your best friends.

How about y'all? How are you doing recently on your 13 goals? No matter how many years you've been in the craft it's always a good thing to check back on the basics to see if you have them as down pat as you believe. I'm going to go work on mine how about you?


  1. Can't say I do them all. Or have ever done them all. I guess I get a big fail too. Especially on the eat right and exercise part. lol

    1. I know that's the funny part, I have noticed that I haven't really done much of them since I have been a new witch, I'm trying to get back into them so i can get back into my true practice....


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