Thursday 12 January 2012

Paranormal Telly: Eureka

I remember when this show premiered, my sisters and I watched it. It was a nerds happy dream , a show about a town full of nerds. It was EPIC & I was hooked. ……… then life interviened………& I forgot all about it.

Checking out netflix the other night  they suggested Eureka, and I noted it and it was into it’s fifth season. I almost passed out, it’s been FIVE years??? Holy fracking heck That was crazy, so I thought, heck if it managed to stay on air for as long as it had it must still be good, so I checked it out. I decided to jump right into it and caught up with sheriff Carter & the town’s zaniest  characters.

I personally love the show because the town’s geniuses are so set on saving the world from itself that they tend to put it into danger themselves, and the poor “normal” sheriff Carter with his shear bravado and tons of common sense is always there to save the day along with his rag tag crew of friends, and a sexy arch enemy; Nathan Stark (OMG He's so hot)
Your Welcome!!!
If you haven’t given the show a chance before I’m telling you your missing out, from Sarah, to Zane and Joe, the show of course wouldn't be complete without Fargo, this show is amazing. It might not really fall under actual Paranormal Telly, but it's pretty darn close, it's paranormal with a scientific twist!!  Sometimes there are even tie ins with other shows like on Warehouse 13 & Alphas.

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