Monday 12 March 2012

Can You Feel it??

Yesterday the twig was brown and bare;
To-day the glint of green is there;
Tomorrow will be leaflets spare;
I know no thing so wondrous fair,
No miracle so strangely rare.
I wonder what will next be there!
~L.H. Bailey
It’s almost Ostara/Eostre!!! Here in the east it has been warm, yes I know it’s winter, but it has been in the 40s and today it will be in the 50s. The last few says have been amazing here, warm, and very spring feeling, but the nights have sometimes been bitterly cold, as if the Winter isn't ready to let go and move on yet.

This weekend was an awesome weekend of learning, about blogging, about books & blogging, about HTML, about kitchen witchin, and most of all about myself. I got accepted on Netgalley which is an awesome way to get books before their release, I told my book blogging friends about it last weekend and Melissa warned me about requesting too many brain heard, my fingers didn't get the message. I went on this morning bright and early and noted I had been approved for seven of my titles that I requested. Well!!! Can we say totally freaking COOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!! Luckily they aren't due out until June or July and the publisher doesn't want reviews up until 30 days before or 30 days after release, so I'm golden. I will try to see if I can get book tours going so you guys can join in on the fun and win some awesome books. YAYAY.

Despite all the Internet work I got a lot of reading done, I finished a couple of awesome books, I'm in the middle of a hilarious one, and I got to go outside this weekend and enjoy the full moon. I didn't do any real esbat official ritual I simply meditated on the moon, tried taking pictures (I'm thinking I need a new camera).

Yesterday was our local St.Paddy's Day parade, I didn't get to go, because I picked up an extra shift at work, Downtown was beautifully decorated though,
 I went walking to start to meet the local dryads, as there are tons of trees in town Green almost all of them 50 years or older, many with knobby roots and interesting branches, this is one fo the original founding towns of CT as well as the 13 colonies, I'm sure these trees, woods, & these ancient buildings have seen much.  
Downtown New Haven is awesome and I walked much of Yale on Friday, I found little yarn shop, an awesome pub and a great green market.
I admired architecture, found hidden nooks and saw some signs of spring in the blooming of little yellow plants.
Yes this weekend was awesome.

How was your weekend? See any signs of spring? Learn anything new and exciting you want to share?
Happy Monday

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