Thursday 15 March 2012

Paranormal Telly: Warehouse 13

Welcome Back to Paranormal Telly series, where I share my favorite shows that have a paranormal slant.  This weeks offering comes again from Syfy and it's called Warehouse 13.
I LOVE this show, yes I know I showcase all my favorite shows, why would I waste your time & mine talking about something I really don't love.  Are you a fan of good cop pairings then your going to love this. enter into this genre Wiki synopsis
The series follows United States Secret Service Agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) when they are assigned to the government's secret Warehouse 13 for supernatural "artifacts". It is located in a barren landscape in South Dakota, and they initially regard the assignment as punishment. As they go about their assignments to retrieve missing Warehouse 13 artifacts and investigate reports of new ones, they come to understand the importance of what they are doing.They are enthusiastically joined by young, hip, brilliant techno-wiz Claudia Donovan" Warehouse 13
Peter is awesome, the consomitate class clown with a hard cop edge who runs on instinct and then there is his partner Myka who needs all the facts before she does anything.  They fuss, they fight, they work extremely well together.
Their job is to hunt down all the weird and unexplainable objects that are affecting the world they interact with. Some of my favorite characters from other shows also including many from the town of  Eureka and Harry from Dresden Files (although he wasn't Harry on the show) have made appearances on the show.  I laugh at so many of the nerdy jokes on there, so many historical stories re-written for these episodes, I love each episode especially the ones that have a great deal of the 'steampunk' going on. Yeah it's a great show for the nerd in all of us.

The show can be found on Netflix, and Hulu.  The show is on hiatus right now, but it comes back again this Spring. I can't wait until it does.

Happy Watching.


  1. Series sounds interesting from what I can read, but that font is awful! o.O

    1. Welp fixed that!!! Hope you enjoy watching Love and light always


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