Friday 9 March 2012

Kony 2012

Check out the Koby website; Take the pledge today, purchase a t-shirt a bracelet, give to the cause, raise awareness, take part of the Cover the Night events in your area on April 20,2012.

For all my bookie friends, you can purchase books and support the org here. For Better World Books is the company, and you can even donate your books to them as well.

Let's stop Joseph Kony, he started making his army when I was five years old, I can't imagine living with the terror these children have had to, look at the children around you, can you imagine them disappearing from your life and being used in the ways these young men & women are being used.

Please donate and help out as much as possible

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  1. These kind of things sound almost unreal, don't they? Some people are just too terrible...


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