Thursday 29 March 2012

Paranormal Telly: Supernatural

Show: Supernatural
Seasons: 7
Run Time: 40 mins
Air Dates & Time: CW Fridays 9/8 est
Reruns can be seen:  CW, Netflix

I have found a new obsession, yes, ladies and gents I am in love with this show. It's not new, but it's new to me. It's based on brothers Dean & Sam Winchester, who are hunters. They have been raised by their family to hunt the monsters of the world, including those hiding under your bed. Ha made you look. No but they are real, and these boys hunt them as a job.

As a job it sucks, they don't get paid, they lie constantly to be able to help people and sometimes the things they face kick their collective asses royally.   As the seasons progress the story becomes layered, they aren't just hunters, their family stretches back for many generations as hunters & as something else also I'll let you watch and figure it out for yourself).

The witty remarks, the thrown in nerdy jokes & comments, the clear mistakes that they leave in kind of reminds me of Buffy & Angel, which is great because they are produced by the same channel.  I love watching the show and cracking up because it's clear they aren't really driving the impala, (they drive the same highway all the time too). These little quirks make the show even more awesome, especially when I get the nerdy little comments, or the show or movie references that they will throw in.  

Soon enough we get introduced not just to monsters, demons, and God/Goddesses but to Angels as well, and they aren't your everyday kind of angels either.  I love the shows lore, and their obvious deep research on many subjects.  the characters are well written, have many different flaws, the story arc is amazing and well written. they don't just drop a story and leave it there, they almost always bring it back in some way shape or form in the next few episodes.  I love the nerdy jokes, the mythological lore they get right, the mention and presence of Gods including Loki which is one of the few they aren't able to kill. He always wins whenever he comes up against the Winchesters.

Now that you know the pros of the story here are a few things I personally don't like:
  • Every time the story introduces a black character, he or she goes full on psycho making it necessary for Dean and Sam to hunt and kill them. Only three black characters weren't evil, three out of the five or six they have shown; with only two of them having repeat appearances.  Really??/ There aren't any good black hunters?? Your doing hoodoo magick and looking into a lot of African lore and you only have two black good guys??? Not cool guys not cool at all.
  • The strong armed Judeo-christian message in the story, almost all the Pagan Gods are being hunted down for being 'monsters'. At a convention of the Gods which included Kali, Ganesh, Odin, Mercury, and a few others, Kali pointed out that the Judeo-Christians were hell bent of ending the world and ignoring the fact that other traditions and Gods existed and that their stories end a whole lot differently. (which is an excellent point)
  • the insistence that witches have sold their souls to devil, or to a demon. come on people have we not moved past this?? Witches are not the same as satanist. and I wish like heck they would stop equating us as the same. 
I'm sure as I watch the other seasons the show will have other things that I don't like but so far these are my big three that annoy me.  Other than this the show is pretty good at showcasing this world hidden within out world.

Enjoy the show and let me know what you think in the comments section..
Happy and Blessed Watching

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