Sunday 12 August 2012

Caribbean Pride

I have managed to refrain from running loose like a crazy person on this blog for the past fourteen days, especially the last four days. I have been glued to my tv, and Facebook, and let's face it twitter, talking smack and generally annoying the people who have the misfortune * at the moment* of being my firnds and family members, especially those who aren't Jamaican.
Out of Many One People.  
You see, Jamaica turns 50 this year.  50 years ago the Queen and Parliament graciously let us go and allowed us to become independent and we have been grateful for that ever since *there are a million things that have gone wrong, I could go into them but it's not that kind of a post*.  This is a celebration post, not just that fact that we have been free, but the fact of our dominance in track and field at this year's Olympics.  We are a small country with little over 2.6 million citizens, that's what some of these other countries call a city, and that's our whole island populace; you could drive from end to end in one day *you wouldn't stop and see much you would have to just drive but you can do it*.  It's from this small nation that the fastest man and woman in the world come from, reside in and train.

As a symbol of great pride, and as someone noted, a show of how far we as a country and as a people have come, Usain Bolt's image was featured on the House of Parliament (which is like the Senate building for those in the US).   This more than any other image showcased as a friend put it the reverse of colonialism.  It is something our ancestors would have never thought to see, would never hope to dream to see so many people loving one little black boy from the small country.
With even a member of the royal family emulating his moves and jokingly racing with him right before the Olympics would have taken place.
It's a joke ~~~ That's my friend that Gold!!!
 I don't know if y'all can grasp the significance of a member of the family that once owned us, ruled us, calmly playing and *pretend* racing one of our own.  I know I'm probably not articulating this well, but it's just amazing and awe inspiring to see how far we have come.
There are many things wrong with Jamaica right now, much like the rest of the world we are feeling the crunch; and yet clearly there are so many things right.  With Usain Bolt *who by the way is from my home parish *county/state for you Americans * Trelawny, yep now you know what my twitter name means*  bringing in so many golds for Jamaica, it's a big bolster to national pride.
It was even better on Friday when the men swept the race and Gold, Bronze and Silver belonged to us. to hear the national anthem playing while watching our flag be raised, was just amazing.
Tonight (or last night) again the men set a world record in the mens 4x100 meter race/ Tearing up their previous world record and setting personal bests for each of them.
Of course we can't forget the women, ohhh man the little pocket rocket (her nickname) Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce looked around and decided she liked having gold, it went nicely with the huge rock on her hand/ And she dominated again in her field setting another WR. We took Bronze in the women's relay because Carmelita Jeter (US) decided that she wasn't going home without and Gold tore up the field. Congrats to the American team.
The whole Team Jamaica did amazingly well, with runners in long distance and hurdles *something we normally don't do* and swimming, as well as equestrian. We didn't medal in all of them, but the very fact of being in the Olympics makes them winners and some of the best of the best athletes and they too deserve a resounding Huzzah!! or better yet a BIG UP!! *lick shots BOOY BOY BOY BOY* lololol.

I don't know of any other way to share our national pride with you, than to share some of the images of my country. I have always been a proud Jamaican, but during these last few weeks my pride has been eclipsed by a sense of joy like no other. And Congratulations to Grenada on it's first Gold, and Bahamas for spanking the US men's team for the first time in 60 years of their dominance.

Unless otherwise noted none of these images are mine, they have been taken from and Shelly's fan page.

Thanks for letting me share with you my joy. Happy birthday Jamaica, I can't wait to see you at one hundred *wait crap i might not be here* ok I can't wait to see you at 75!! 65?? No ohh ok I'll just see you at Christmas then.

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