Tuesday 7 August 2012

Review Copy Clean Up

RCC Challenge August 2012

Participation, guidelines:
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Well I so need to clean up this review pile, some of these books I have been dragging around on reading, Not even sure why. Here's my list of books to clean up, I have broken it down into three sections, and then I have the books that I have read that I need to post their reviews or links to their reveiws.   As well as link to the challenges.

Advanced Review Book List:
  1. The Magickal Retreat ~ Susan Pesznecker
  2. The Book of Madness & Cures ~ Regina O'Melveny
  3. The City's Son ~ Tom Polluck 
  4. The Reverend's Wife ~ Kimberly Lawson Roby
  5. Where Lilacs still Bloom ~ Kirkpatrick
  6. Magical States of Concousness ~ 
  7. Everyday Witch book of rituals
  8. Building projects for backyard farmers ~ 
  9. change comes to dinner
  10. Tarot Book ~ 
  11. Initiate ~ Thuri Calafia
  12. Seven day loan ~ tiffany reisz 
  13. from notting hill with love....actually ~ ali macnamara
  14. rev it up ~ julie ann walker
  15. savage hunger ~ terry spear
  16. need ~ sherri hayes
  17. the claiming of sleeping beauty ~ anne rice
  18. Beauty's punishment ~ anne rice
  19. beauty's release ~ anne rice
  20. Cunningham's Magical Smapler ~ Cunningham
  21. Consent to Love ~ Abby Wood 
  22. Improper Relations ~ juliana Ross 
  23. Seven Yeats to Sin ~ Slyvia Day 
Author Requests:
  • Buddhist Meditation and The Internet ~ 
  • Pretty Girls Don't Cry ~ Tony J Winn
  • Falling Immoratlity ~ Robert Downs
  • What Nurses Know ~ Wendy Cohan
  • South Hill Sidekicks ~ Leah Speigel 
BEA  Arc Booklist:
  1. Girl Fag ~ Janet Hardy
  2. The Bridge ~ Jane Higgins
  3. Impossible to Resist ~ Janice Maynard
Reviews to Post:
  • Sharing Hailey 
  • Goddess in the Middle 
  • Dark Possession
  • Dark slayer
  • dark guardian
  • strangers in paradise
  • fantasy in death 
  • kindred in death 
  • julie garwood's book
  • south hill sidekick's uninvited 
  • Seven Day Loan 
  • Improper Relations 
  • Consent to Love 
  • Seven Years to Sin
  • Scored
*all the books I have read so far that haven't been reviewed yet* 

So that's my list, I will be adding to it, as more books that need to be cleaned up and sent on their way come up. Wish me luck.
How are you doing on your challenges??? Share in the comments please

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