Friday 31 August 2012

Follow Up & Follow Friday (8)

Welcome back to another fun week of Follow Friday. It's a chance to share about the things I love and think you should take a quick look into. Now several of you are here because your book junkies like me, other of you signed up for the blog about my life and got suckered into an increase in book reviews. Yeah sorry about that i will balance it all back out I swear. Anyhoo, that's not what this is about, I'm going to share with you some of the links on how I get books for free to indulge the need to read and get lost in new worlds, as promised here are some more great links to freebies and good book choices.

Now if you don't mind shifting through the religion books to find the good nuggets, a good way to get books is through Booksneeze (doesn't really require a blog, just that you review the book on THEIR website as well as goodreads, or amazon or B&N) or Blogging for Books, now these are generally for people with blogs, but if you review on goodreads as well they may take you (no guarantees, just sharing what i do know).

For the pagan readers, seeking fiction and Non-fiction the really great page located on Facebook called the Pagan ebookshelf. They generally share for the UK as well.  Kris from confessions of a pagan soccer mom, did a wonderful job locating and highlights all the really good places to get FREE and LEGAL pagan books, right here in one of her articles.  Almost all the books are from the Elders in pagan culture and include books of an academic nature as well. Make sure to check them out!!

Have a great way for readers to get free books?? Please share in the comments, I'm sure we would love to all check it out. Now on with the show:

Another week has flown by and the month is almost over, Good Gawds where did the time go?!?!? How 
did you do on your challenge for the month?? I did pretty awesome, I read a pretty good month. Here's a run down of the last week of reading. * indicates an ARC (advanced readers copy of the book)

What I have Read So Far: 
Inspire me by Veronika Dearing 
Laid Bear by Eve Vaughn
Pretty Girls Don't Cry by Tony J Winn

Recent Reviews Posted: 
What I'm Currently Reading : Click Here to get links to all the books on this list. 
  • Rev It Up by Julie Ann Walker *
  • Charming Blue by Kristine Grayson *
  • Need by Sherri Hayes *
  • Buddhist Meditation and the Internet *
Will Be Reading Next: 
  • Backyard Projects for Urban Farmers *
  • Claiming of Sleeping Beauty *
Well there you have it folks. How have you done so far this week?? Share in the comments and I will swing by your blogs and see. Happy Blue Full Moon!!! & Happy Reading

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