Saturday 22 September 2012

I officially hate the new interface

I;m not sure why these people felt the need to upgrade and screw up a good thing. But I now officially hate the new blogger interface. Everything is different and the more I attempt to customize my blog the more it fights me and undoes everything I'm doing I just fucking can't with this shyt anymore. I'm so done for the weekend. I'm sorry folks there won't be any new posts this weekend, Because I refuse to keep loading my blog over and over again for Blogger to just undo all the customization,

Every time I go to layout to change one thing, I go back to the blog and all my texts have been changed and my background image won't show. I'm too annoyed so, the blog will look like this until Monday when I feel like dealing with Google's newest snafu of a website.

Tata for now
Happy Mabon


  1. Mine did the same thing. I just kept reloading until FINALLY blogger realized I was in charge. It almost made me quit my blog for good.

    1. LMAO that's how I felt like I should just delete and start all over. I refuse to lose to blogger though.


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