Thursday 6 September 2012

Paranormal Telly: Revolution

Show: Revolution
Seasons: 1
Run Time: 40 mins
Air Dates & Time: NBC
Reruns can be seen; Hulu Plus, NBC


My Review:
Okay this show isn't really paranormal, but it is a dystiopian new world. The premise sounded great and when I saw you could watch the premiere before the show aired on HULU. I was all for it.
About half way into the first five minutes I was arguing with my computer. Yelling at the screen, this show hmmm how to say this politely .."yeah this show is stupid".. I know. I know, so many shows that I watch have idiotic premises or things going on, but generally it's tongue in cheek stupid, letting you know, they know that this isn't the way it works. Syfy's Eureka was all about that and I loved that show. I'm not sure what the producers were thinking for this one,  but I have questions:
  1. what happened to all the lights, I mean ALL the lights??? We aren't all connected to the grid so how did the ALL the power in the WHOLE world just get cut off???
  2. Ummm... you do know that with nuclear power, without there being lights and power to keep the nuclear reactors cool, they have what's called the Chernobyl accident?? No, no?!?! this doesn't exist in your world..Oh okay thanks.  Your telling me EVERY single nuclear reactor went offline and didn't take out the world with it??? In 15 years no one has seen a melt down. With the amount of reactors France alone has; that meltdown should have cleaned half of Europe off the map. No?!! Why??
  3. Ummm how about the car and highway scene, how did every single car on that highway shut down?? What your telling me is that on that American highway, there wasn't one person driving an American old school mustang??? Not a one??? There wasn't someone who was restoring an old car with a rebuilt turbo charged engine?? No one in an Impala, or a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T with a Hemi engine??(can you tell that is my favorite car??) No not even one?? Yeah I don't buy it, I see these cars all the time in my neck of the woods, and your telling me on a highway near a military base not one of them is a classic car junkie???
  4. How comes everything shut off?? Planes don't run on electric cords plugged into a socket, do I don't buy that they all of a sudden fell out of the sky. My laptop and phone are charged to full all the time, how comes they all of a sudden don't have a have a charge anymore?? My phone has a solar panel charger, I get that the power grid is down so things like the internet won't be working, but my own individual phone??
  5. What happened to the wind turbines?? The Solar Panels?? Did Sun Valley just disappear off the map? How about the Coal firing plants?? They all lose power too?? WHY??
  6. Was there a cataclysmic event that sucked all the electricity out of the world??? You do know that means we should all be dead right?? Because human beings are electric/kinetic energy, it's the impulse that makes your heart beat and your brain keep firing. So I'm not sure how the heck you plan to explain or even why this went down, but ummm NO
  7. Where is the military?? Your telling me the government that has backups of the backups of the backups, don't have a backup generator?? Isn't the White House on it's own power grid for just this reason??
  8. Did no one study science before this happened?? No one knows how to create gaslights??
After I sat and watched, and restarted it and watched again, just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I kept waiting for that girl to start saying "ohana means family" because she is just that clueless. There is a scene in the show where she meets a hot young man and then without knowing him from Adam's house cat invites him along on her journey. In a world where people have descended back into the dark ages apparently and marauders and prisoners roam free. WHO DOES THAT.

I don't know about the rest of y'all but the science questions alone have turned me off from this show, then of course there is the societal construct ideas of what would happen if the modern world collapsed. It only took 15 years according to this show for the feudal system to come back and for everyone to start learning to farm from hollowed out cars.  Where did they get sheep in a small town outside of Chicago??   Okay I'll stop asking questions now; but I will say this. I'm a Discovery channel fanatic, I read and research and study up on things like this especially after Hurricane Katrina showed us how quickly the societal rules and constraints would be cast aside.  Discovery has had several shows first with "The World without Us' then a show dealing with what would happen to the modern world if a true epidemic broke out. they showed how long ti would take for the rules to get thrown out the window  which sadly wasn't that long; and how it affected everything from the bottom up to the top. These producers should have watched these shows, because according to the scientist they're a little off.

I told a friend on facebook that the show is an okay show if you didn't think too hard about all the open questions and he said "if I have to shut down my brain to watch it I'm not watching" (he's a science teacher). If you want to watch without thinking too hard the show is okay, nothing new and out of the box, but entertaining none the less.  I might watch the second episode to see if they got better it all depends, I have my shows all lined up already, if this doesn't interfere than yeah I might watch it. 

 Watch and let me know what you thought of the premiere in the comments please. Any shows your looking forward to?? I can't wait until Haven comes back on Sept 21. Woohoo. 
Many Blessings...


  1. I agree it's a stupid show, but I'll keep watching in the hopes the uncle takes his shirt off. Plus I can work on my jewelry while it's on and not get sucked into something like a good plot.

    1. LOL true I might use it as background noise while crocheting.


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