Tuesday 12 February 2013

ARC Book Review: Dark Knight

Book Title: Dark Knight
Author: Donna Kauffman
Publisher: Random House
Format: ebook
Cost: $2.99
Pages: 240
How I got it: Netgalley/ Purchased
My Rating:★★★★☆
Erotica Rating: N/A
A rogue warrior who challenged her to taste the pleasures of surrender. . . He was her mission, a midnight capture she'd trained for, but Logan Blackstone sensed her presence in the isolated cabin--and pinned agent Scottie Giardi to the bed! Utterly primitive, stark naked, and dangerous in every way that mattered, Logan demanded the truth in a voice as seductive as it was lethal. Recklessly aroused by this dark god, Scottie responded with potent abandon, but once he'd claimed her soul, would he keep it? Fierce and mesmerizing, achingly intense and breathlessly sensual, Donna Kauffman's sizzling story of perfectly matched adversaries is one of her wildest--and one of her best! He tantalized her, overwhelmed her, and taught her the exquisite thrill of losing control, but could a woman who never played it safe find sanctuary in this renegade's heart?

My Review:
"After all, she had drugged, shot at, and chained the man within twenty-four hours of meeting him. Why the hell shouldn’t he believe her capable of worse" Scottie, Dark Knight

Extremely fast read. Well written characters that weren't stilted or stiff, the story line nor the dialogue felt forced. I really loved the characters because they made sense together, they flowed well.  From the get go I loved Scottie, she's driven, resourceful, & knows her own mind (of course that's before she met Logan, then all hell breaks loose).  Here to do the job the by the rules Scottie is in for it with a fly the seat of his pants renegade Logan; who doesn't it take kindly that this strange woman has shot him full of drugs & hogtied him to the bed.
He grumbled something, then wrenched onto his stomach as if some invisible force had shoved him. Her mouth went dry. A coil of white linen between his legs was all that covered him. Somewhere she found enough spit to swallow. But she couldn't dredge up a denial. She wanted that sheet gone. In fact, she curled her hands into fists against the temptation to step into the room, grab the sheet and tug it the rest of the way off of him.The man was simply too glorious to be covered. He deserved to be naked. He had the kind of sprawled grace that would make artists of any medium salivate. Chapter 1.
Man oh man from the first few pages, the two hit it off. Ever mindful she has a mission to accomplish Scottie is here to the job & Logan's not about to make that easy for her. Every turn they find themselves fighting for the upper-hand. In each other the two have found a kindred spirit & even though the book states that there is some adventure involved it's mostly off the pages (so like deep background stuff).  This book is more of a character book with the focus being on Logan & Scottie & the love affair they are engaging in.  

I can't wait to find Lucas story or the other women/men of the Dirty Dozen, they sound intriguing.  Although accelerated due to the dangerous situation the action is a foregone conclusion & takes place mostly off page.  The rest of the book is about them & the buildup of trust between them.

The pop & sizzle between the two gives a pretty big buildup, it leads to a pretty good love scene between them. Not the modern day, porn/graphic erotica detail but still a good basic about them love scene.  I liked that they were 'kindred souls' & found a home in each other.  It was a good novel.  I like Donna's writing & look forward to enjoying some more of her books.

A definite must read, add to your book pile asap. Happy Reading
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