Thursday 14 February 2013

KWW: Valentine's Day Edition

It's Valentine's Day for many, that means, candy, flowers & doing all the sexy tricks they save for special days. There are many ways to get into the mood if you have a partner, & I'm going to be sharing a few of my favorites here with you.

For the Kitchen Witches among us, how about charming your food??  Here are some Charmed Honey Recipes.

Kris Bradley shares a really great recipe in her book " Mrs.B's guide to Household Witchery" for a great little love dusting powder.  She says to brush it on your hands or clothing before meeting up with your lover for some alone time. I would say dust lightly. 

4 parts dried apple peel, & red rose petals
2 parts cocoa powder
1 part cinnamon
When I moved into my new home, for my bedroom I created a charmed wooden plague, that encourages love. It's made from oak (hard wood, enduring,) It's a Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Symbol, many people make them into quilts I loved wood burning so I made this. I bless it each year, with full moon water & hang it where i can see it to remind myself & my partner that we are in this together.  I added in colors to correspond with the intent as well. 

If your flying solo today, but want a partner, please remember the Golden Rule, even if your not Wiccan, it's not polite ( and it will backfire I promise you that) to manipulate others.  When casting spells for love, don't mention one particular person, that's taking away their free will. Do however ask the universe/cosmos/Goddess to send the one(s) for you.  Try out my updated version of the Practical Magic Party Post (True Love, Amas Veritas). There are several ideas on how to a spell to draw your love one near.

If your not looking for love, but want some loving for the night You can make Desire Dust and spread it around your room along with all the candles.  Taken from Marian Singer's Magick for the Wild Woman this dust actually smells pretty awesome ( u never made the one to attract a woman, so I can't speak to that ones effectiveness, but if you try it let me know please).  As a floor dusting I used baking soda instead of baby powder, but a body dusting I used the baby powder, it's mainly down to personal preference at this point.  

To attract a man: a pinch of ginger powder, jasmine oil, and or lavender oil
To attract a woman: vetivert violet, or patchouli.

Mix well allow to dry, shift to get rid of clumps. As your creating the dust, focus on your intent, you can chant a charm over it as well. 

When I feel the need for some new ideas I love to look into Silver's Spells for Love by Silver Ravenwolf, I have had a lot of success using her spells & ideas and I sugget y'all check 'em out. I have of course improved them to suit me, & you can do the same.

This is a part of the Kitchen Witch Wednesday Blog party, I'm posting on Thursday sorry. but I promise these recipes are worth it. Happy Valentine's Day my loves

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