Saturday 16 February 2013

Erotica Book Review: Good Cop, Bad Cop

Book Title: good Cop, Bad Cop
Author: Lily Harlem
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Format: ebook
Cost: $3.99
Pages: 237
How I got it: Kindle Freebie via Author
My Rating:★★★☆☆
Erotica Rating:★★★★☆ 
Fame and fortune is a blessing that, for me, has changed its taste from sumptuously sweet to murderously bitter. Leaving me no choice but to look over my shoulder at every turn and question the scruples of even my most faithful friends. I would give up all the glowing adoration from my fans in a heartbeat in exchange for not running for my life. But fate doesn’t deal cards that way, and instead I find myself far out at sea and being bounced between two hot cops—one so chilly just his glance gives me frostbite, and the other showing a kindness that barely covers his own demons. So with nowhere else to turn, quite literally, I have to trust two men I hardly know with my life and cope without the luxuries my status usually affords me. But it’s not long before I discover when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Turns out these cops are not only the wrong guys to mess with, they also have partnership skills above and beyond the requirements of their day job. And for once, while just being me without the frills, I get to discover that they are as sinfully bad as they are dreamily good in every department, and it seems, I am the one they want cuffed and controlled at the same time as they are protecting and serving.

My Review:
An erotic quick read.  This book has some seriously erotic scenes & then some random 'action' scenes. India Moore is a country & western singer who has been receiving a few pieces of hate mail, recently they have increased in number & their threats have gotten worse. As time passes she become increasingly agitated & paranoid, so much so that when she is at dinner with friends she thinks she is being followed and jumps out the bathroom window.  While running from a stalker India climbs on to a random boat & luckily for her it belonged to two cops Jose & Dillon.  Jose is starstruck when his favorite country & western musician India is found on his boat, he is willing to do whatever necessary to keep her safe.  His friend Dillion however isn't fond of celebrities because the ones he had to work with were too high maintenance for his taste; which made him a bit harsh with India when he discovered who she was. Jose & Dillion decide to help her even though Dillion isn't on board at first.

Dillion at the start was a little bit of a jerk because she was a case when he needed some serious down time. Then when he's faced with giving her up he decides that he rather take care of her himself.

It was good, the erotica took over the story (you will hear no complaints from me that's what I'm here for).  The stalker angle was good it helped move the story ahead; giving the heroes a chance to be 'heroes'  I particularly loved the Dominant in the situation & then I'm left wondering if there is going to be another story, based on how it ended. That shower scene?? Yeah all kinds of hotness.

Although the stalker angle allowed them to meet, when it kept cropping up during the story it broke the continuity.  I get it, you want to indulge in each other but with your life on the line & you have no idea who the criminal is, why not call for help??  Why not return to land where you can get some back up & take on the case more seriously? Then there is trusting this random stranger to tell them where to go??  How do you know it wasn't a set-up with more than one assailant??

The random guy we tracked them down?? India not listening & putting them all in danger?? It just didn't go with the story.  I think it should have just stayed an erotica, with the action kinda taking place in the background or off stage. Putting it in didn't really spice up the story; especially because the end seemed rushed to just hurry up and get him out of the way.  While I really liked the erotica/love affair, I could have done without the 'action'.

It's a good romp & a quick read. Enjoy!!
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