Tuesday 26 February 2013

ARC Book Review: Lana's Lawman

Book Title: Lana's Lawman
Author: Karen Leabo
Publisher: Random House/ Loveswept Classic Romance
Format: ebook
Cost: $2.99
Pages: 320
How I got it: NetGalley
My Rating:★★★★☆
Erotica Rating: 
Though it’s been years since Sloan Bennett has seen Lana Gaston, time melts instantly when he comes to her rescue during a Texas thunderstorm. Lana was everything a teenage bad boy couldn’t have . . . but she felt like his for three magical weeks. Then she broke his heart—and Sloan walked away from Destiny, Texas. But now he’s back, wearing a badge, and wondering if fate has decided to give him another chance. A struggling single mom, Lana can’t help looking back at all the wrong choices she made. With Sloan so close again, she’s filled with old regrets and deep new longing. Could the silly souvenir of a policeman’s badge, given to her by a fortune-teller, have more meaning than she ever dared to dream? Once, Lana didn’t have the courage to tell Sloan how much she cared. So she hurt him instead. But as his sensual lips dare to kiss away yesterday’s pain, she’ll risk her heart to let him know that this time, she’s his forever.

My Review:

Ohhh boy, bad boys who become good boys & ride motorcycles, & wear uniforms. Who wouldn't love that?? I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read it in like one day. The beginning of the story was so engaging I started adding the other books even before I started reading the rest of the book, I just knew it would be good!!

I was hooked from the prologue and the book didn't disappoint at all. I loved catching up with Lana & learning her story; a pretty good catch~up on what happens to the high school's most popular student, & it doesn't always have a happy ending.

Much like Lana I thought she was the one who delayed getting married, but nope she was the second of the three in the prophesy.  She was actually pretty good as a character, she was strong but very vulnerable, floundering in knowing who she was after a relationship that was devastating.  Finding herself means giving up all she was known and comfortable with, & going all in with everything she has to make a better life for herself and her son.

In walks her old love, her first love, the bad boy, Sloane who became a cop & man oh man do the sparks fly. I loved that their love wasn't perfect as soon as they met, they had to work at it. Lana was a woman who had a hard first marriage & isn't trying to make the same mistake. She fights hard not to dive in and give up her freedom, or her independence, but wants a relationship, she has to learn how to balance being able to lean on someone and just giving up completely to someone.  She lacked confidence in herself & her decisions & saw anyone's help as a threat to her independence (even when it wasn't)

Sloane was an amazing character, he is more comfortable relating to people as a cop than as a man, because he has never known what it is to have someone love him down to his bones. He's had a pretty tough life until a good man took an interest and gave him something to strive for.   Even though he had done everything he wanted coming home to Destiny & finding Lana there brought him back to those teenager years after she broke up with him.  He had his doubts as well but still he made the decision to go full throttle especially with Lana's son Rob.  Sloane was an amazing role model in that situation  I felt so deeply for him when his incident happened.  I'm glad it brought them together

I enjoyed the story, even though there was a moment after Rob got into trouble that I wanted to slap Lana for her reaction; eventually she got her head on straight but still it took an eight year for her to see it;  out of the mouths of babes is all I can say.  I loved Sloane as a character & Lana was pretty good as well.  the ex husband wasn't fleshed out, but then he was only a background character anyway.  I wanted more about her friends and I can't wait to read Millicent's story especially ( I mean have you seen that cover??) 

Enjoy the read my loves

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