Monday 11 March 2013

Blog Prompts: One Book..

If you could recommend just one book to a newcomer, what would it be?
Alright, we all know that's not very fair. So you can share up to 3 books that you feel all people looking to explore Paganism should read. Prompt
Today's post is a blog prompt. As you have seen I have a deep abiding passion, love, obsession with books.  A book is how I found this path, many books have kept me going and have given me the knowledge to deepen my walk, now there are many 101 books out there, but there aren't as many 402 books as we need, so I have found that I have ended up getting a lot of academic books to help substitute for the lack 

For those seeking information into paganism, I would highly suggest reading books about the myths and legends of the Pantheon you most favour. If you feel like you are home then I suggest going deeper into that Pnatheon, but for now I will list below my thoughts on what books to look into.

For newbies to the path a a plain pagag I would suggest  they check out:

Paganism : Goodreads | Amazon |

If you are interested in Celtic Paganism like I am these are the authors I trust:
Emma Restall Orr
John & Caitlin Matthews
Druirdy Handbook: Goodreads | Amazon

I also love the Complete Iditots Guide for Women's Spirituality, as it covered everything you could want to know about the women's spiritual movement & suggested a few books and resources.
Amazon | Goodreads

Well those are the ones I would recommend for those seeking, once you have chosen your path there are many places you can go to get even more information on books for that faith.

Good Luck & Goddess Bless

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