Saturday 2 March 2013

Book Review: Three Musketeers: Midnight Heat

Book Title: The Three Musketeers # 3: Midnight Heat
Author: Donna Kauffman
Publisher: Loveswept: Random House
Format: ebook
Cost: $2.99
Pages: 240
How I got it: NetGalley
My Rating:★★★1/2
Erotica Rating: N/A
They call themselves the Three Musketeers: three lifelong friends, men who will put it all on the line in the name of honor and loyalty. Friendship is the most important thing in Dane Colbourne’s life—apart from his job as a determined investigator who never leaves a case unsolved. After the near-catastrophic midair collision of two planes, Dane focuses his laserlike intensity on the air traffic controller who appears to be responsible. But when she claims innocence with equal ferocity, Dane knows he may finally have met his match. Adria Burke has gone over the details of “the incident” in her head: She is certain there was a third plane in the air at the time of the collision, and that she actually saved hundreds of lives with her commands. But how can she convince Dane of the truth? As they try to ignore the fact that there is an undeniable spark between them, together Adria and Dane uncover evidence that there was something else going on in the sky the night of the incident. But will their passion leave both of them permanently grounded?

My Review:
Good story, this is the first book in the series that I read & I am looking forward to reading the rest. These men seem captivating.  This story in particular had well written characters, it's also apparently picking up where Born to Be Wild left off, which is great if you have read the other story (which I haven't done so yet).

Donna writes in a way that draws you in and allows you to fall in love with her characters.  they are so well written & rounded that you feel like you know them.  In this book she smoothly brings back the other characters without them taking over the book, but enhancing this story at the same time.  I enjoyed how Adria & Dane met, especially because they both had to hold back their natural inclinations: to be a smart ass in Adria's case and rampant curiosity & attraction in Dane's care. Right away you could tell they were going to be a fun couple to read & they didn't disappoint.

Adria's & Dane's love & passion for flying planes & being around planes provided them with great common ground & so did their past, both having had tough times with deep loss.  I loved that they were drawn to each other & decided to explore it.  Despite everything going on around them they still made the decision to be together.

Adria has a few issues she needed to deal with and when it seems like Dane has gone against everything she thought they had, she decided to take matters in her own hands.  That final confrontation between then was both sad and endearing because here were two people trying to decide if they were in it together or if they should stand behind their pride.

Poor Adria, her whole career in the balance, being threatened, a co-worker who allowed her to take the rap for him, considering their job, she actually was being foolish there, but I get helping out your friends. The only thing good out of this situation had to be meeting Dane, and the family he brought along with him.

This is perhaps out of the two I read that is most dated, they talked of beepers, and payphones, while talking about cellphones, but I get it, some places still have payphones (not DC where they are but some still do)

A very good, quick read, I highly recommend this one as well as the rest of the series.

Happy Reading my loves
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