Monday 4 March 2013

It's not easy being Green:

Yeah I said it. Don't gimmie those looks, it isn't easy confessing this mess. When I lived at home, I ate organic, recycled never used plastic bags, heck I even taught several girlfriends all my nifty tricks that helped save the environment and them some serious cash. And who doesn't love keeping green in their pockets??

Well now I have different priorities, paying my bills, keeping a roof over my head those take precedence over purchasing high priced organic over the cheaper stuff, and to be real I kinda just got lazy. It's true, without friends who loved the green lifestyle, or books, or movies, or even tv shows that validated my feelings I begun to fall back into old rhythms. It was easier to just take the bags at the grocers since I would use them as trash bags as well, but eventually even I had to admit defeat beneath the onslaught and back to green bags I went.
Because I'm a crafter and I would find any excuse to use my yarn stash, I was so excited when I saw a pattern for a market bag in my yarn magazine.  I loved that idea so much that I made small ones to get the fruits and veggies that normally go in a clear plastic bag.  I used Lily Brand Kitchen (cotton) yarn, which is easily washed and reused as often as you need it.  This of course save plastic bags from going into the landfill and the added benefit of some awesome looking groceries.

Here are a few different ideas for y'all to try:
Recycled Plastic Bag,
©Lion's Brand Yarn
Lion's Brand Market Bag
©Sugar n'Cream (Lily Brand Yarn)

Lily Brand Yarn Market Bag

Don't have a crafting bone in your body?? Love your plastic bags too much?? How about saving the bags in a container, like another bag, or a old lysol cleaning bottle like this one:
You can wrap it with your favorite wrapping paper to hide the label. Place plastic bags inside and pull out new bags when you need them. This makes it easy to carry in the grocery store.

Want to get rid of some of those bags?? Don't toss them in the trash, take them with you to the grocery store, many of the larger chains have a recycling bin set up right at the front door, just dump your bags in there and they send them off to recyclers for you.

Many stores also now give you money back for having your own bags, and a few (at least here in CT) are now starting to charge for bags, so save that .05c and bring your own. That adds up fast.

So there, that's how I have started to kick the green slump I have been experiencing.  How do you do green daily?? Share in the comments please.

Happy New Week

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  1. I love this idea. I'm always looking for creative ways to use my yarn stash as well. :)


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