Monday 26 December 2011

12 Days of Mithramas: Day 2

 "On the second day of Christmas 
my true love gave to me, 
two turtledoves &
a partridge in a pear tree"
--18th century Christmas Carol
December 27

The first time I learned about doves and their connection to love; occurred when I was a part of a  cousin's wedding when I was little. After they said their vows. two doves were released; being a curious child when I asked why, I was told they were for good luck, as they are mentioned within the Song of Songs are considered by most Christians to be a symbol of love & devotion (one of my favorite chapters of the Bible, as it's a poem between lovers; & it's one of the few mentions of dark skinned women.)

According to the books on animal interpretations, the following means are associated with Dove/Pigeon- Understanding peace and love. Gentleness. Warning. Laid back. Speed and agility in air. Community. Strong partner bonds. Travel. It is also associated with feminine energies, prophecy & maternity.  The Cycle of Power (times best to use this totem) is during dawn & dusk.  

This is animal is also associated with Aphrodite, who was born on a shell that a dove brooded (nested) on. In some traditions it was believed that when a person died their sould became a dove, which is where the other association of Doves comes into play.   To early pagans, it was associated with the sacred feminine, the maternal insticts, & yoni (the sexual organs). It was not only associated with Aphrodite, but with Astarte & Isis too.  In some North American traditions it was used as a sacred feather. 

In Celtic tradition,  according to the Ogham it connects to the Aspen tree. Doves often come after a time of suffering because she recognizes our need for sanctuary. The Celts recognized the tenderness of the dove, and so can we. Look to the dove for healing, grace, kindness and peace. She carries all of these attributes and promises safekeeping form the storms of life.  
How you can incorporate the Dove into your day
  • you can wake up early enough for dawn, or sneak out during dusk and listen for the cooing of the dove
  • If you have some clay and some time, make a dove using the clay and let it dry, add it your altar on the right for the Goddess.
  • You could always make pictures and place them on your altar as well,
  •  if you can crochet you can make a crocheted Dove to hang on your tree
  • You make Dove Bars
Celtic Information found here

Be Blessed and Happy Dove Day!!!


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