Monday 12 December 2011

Monday Movie Review:

I spent most of the weekend working on getting as much of my Movie list completed as possible, especially for the Christmas Blog Party (link on the side of the blog). I am a huge Sidney Poitier fan, especially in To Sir with Love, so I made it my goal to see all his movies.  This is the first movie I have seen that has Katherine Hepburn in it. I see why she is considered such a good actress.  This movie is and was a ground breaking movie. I believe they handled the subject matter very well. 

It really looked at how those who think they are liberal react when they are faced with the results of their ideals coming home. It's one thing to say you 'believe in equal rights' it's another to have it come home to dinner, and marry your child.  I loved that the Minister is the one who pointed this very thing out to the father.

On paper this young man is a perfect catch a world renowned Dr, a ivy league graduate, he's the kind of man any father would want for their daughter; yet it was the colour of his skin that made her father hesitant to accept him.  Katherine Hepburn at first was shocked, yet when she noticed how happy her daughter was she was all for supporting them.  I loved how when put to the test she reacted to her closest friend with an unpredictable way.  

I agree with her father that their guerrilla tactics of spring the news of who she was dating and the fact of their engagement was unfair; yet it gave them the advantage of seeing the true reactions beneath the 'public politically correct face'.
Now a few years later the movie was updated and changed a bit, and starred Bernie Mac (may he RIP) and Ashton Kutcher. In this updated version, the reversed roles of the affluent African American family who's daughter brought home the Caucasian fiancee'. It was more of a comedic turn than the original but was just as good (in my opinion) of showing the story from the other side.

These movies  showed that sometimes no matter how 'advanced' we think we are when our ideals are put to the challenge sometimes we are faced with our hidden bigotry.   It amazed me that even then, it was more of a hassle for the African American housekeeper to accept the concept of a mixed race couple than it did for the mother. I loved the movies and have decided to get Guess Who's coming to Dinner to add to my personal collection. 

A definite movie to add to ones collection and view with a varied audience to see and discuss their reactions.
Be Blessed

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