Thursday 8 December 2011

21 Days of Yule: Day 08

This is one of my favorite holiday traditions, It's a great way to kick off the Holiday Party and it's a great talking piece for you and your 'crafty friends'.  Have fun making this; I love to make this to hang up in door ways for Holiday Open Houses, or parties we have. It's a Kissing Ball (literally). It's easy to make and shouldn't cost more than $12.00 and maybe a half hour of your time.
How to make this sweet treat (hahahha I crack myself up)
You will need Hershey's Kisses: 2-3 Large bags, base this on however many balls you will be doing)
Glue gun and glue sticks
6 in foam ball
wire edged ribbon about 3 yards
20 gauge florists wire
Couple sprigs Mistletoe


  • You can get the holiday coloured Kisses, pull all the little tabs out
  • Determine where you want the top of the kidding ball to be and mark it,
  • Heat your glue gun and apply small lines of the glue 
  • attach your kisses until the foam ball is covered MAKE sure to leave some space at the top of the ball which you marked
  • Create your bow with the ribbon making it as elaborate and ornate as you like 
  • Leave a loop to hang
  • attach the florists wire to hold the bow shape, create it into a spike and attach at the top of the ball (where you marked)
  • Push in the mistletoe, either real or fake and let it hang
Rules of the Kissing Ball
Each person who is under the Ball can get a kiss or forfeit for a real kiss with the person they are standing with.
Remind everyone not to pull too hard the kisses should come off pretty easily.

Resources: Idea came from 30 Gifts under 30 minutes binder

Happy Kissing & Happy Crafting!!!

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