Saturday 20 November 2010

Book Haul

Yesterday I went for a walk downtown in my town. I had errands to run, and I happen to be passing our local library. and I just couldn’t resist the small book sale they were advertising.
Small is relative
These boxes contain many books, sometime two layers

….and there are plenty of boxes….and shelves

upon shelves of books donated from libraries and people, some old, some new. The low lights make it such an intimate affair, searching through the books, was such a great time. I got lost in this room for over an hour..

These are my haul from this amazing sale,

the money not only supports the library, they get to buy extra books not covered in the budget, but they use the money to overhaul the children’s area and bring in toys and such to help build imagination.
I get to indulged in my guilty pleasure of “trashy” romance

without feeling the pinch in the pocket


I got new cookbooks for a fraction of the price

I knew I was supporting a good cause while not feeling the guilt of spending money in this tight economy,
And I found a witchybook I have wanted to read for a while

My haul came up to
guess how much?  11 books for $6.50, yes you read that right $6.50
I love a bargain don’t you?? Also, this is very green because these are "used" books, which don't go into the landfill, and your recycling them into the general public. Buying new is great!! Buying used when you can? Even better.
I will be posting delicious recipes from my cookbooks, since I haven’t done any recipes for a while.. Of course almost all the books have a witchy theme, so I will be doing reviews on those also.
This is my haul why not check out your local library and see if they have a cause you can support?

Blessed Be


  1. You have convinced me to try out the library book sales. I've avoided them because I felt shoot!All the good ones will be bought by the time I get there!'

  2. We have a used book store in our town that I like to go into a few times a year. The non-fiction is usually pretty slim pickings and there is almost never anything of a metaphysical nature but for paperback fiction, its great. I have not tried the library book sale....not even sure that they have one. Last time I went to our library I decided my home library was better!

  3. @Ms lilypads sometimes i avoid them, when it's the smaller libraries, but the main library always has books from all the other libraries so I figured i might find a treasure or two. Good luck at your library also

    @Sophiadawn sometimes in my town they have some good metaphysical books, their green selection is always on point, but for the most part they have some pretty amazing books. Good luck in the thrift store.

  4. I get really excited to find new books to dig into. I have wayyyyy too many books, so I saved up my money for a Kindle. It definitely is a different experience from an actual book, but like you aim for, Aisha, I wanted to be greener. I also know that there are some books that are unavailable on kindle, so those are the one's I scout out in shops like you do. I have a shop near me where each book is only $1.00 and I have a lot of fun, perusing them all.

  5. @Wendy I wanted to get a ebook reader, I was so into them before, but oh well I love ebooks, but sometimes there is somtehing about holding an actual book in your hands. I don't know just amazing. I'm glad your going green too, it's one of the reasons I generally don't indulge in new books,that and my shelves have complained that one more book will be the death of them. LOL
    Blessed be


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