Sunday 14 November 2010

White Bath Ritual

I promised I would share my white bath ritual. I already shared what I say when I am cleansing myself, here is the altar setup (yes this altar stays in my bathroom) and the recipes for the bath itself.
Now you can make it with whatever you wish, I learned however that this is what works for me.
                                                           How to take a white bath
One of the first things I do is set the mood, I take down the general altar that is in the bathroom (mostly set there for Yemaya, more on that later) and setup for the healing ritual. For scented atmosphere I place Lavender essential oil (3 drops) and Spa wisdom from  the Body Shop (6 drops) in my soapstone burner with some fresh water.
Now its time to setup the altar. My bathroom altar contains a vase of shells picked up from the beach on many different trips, some are from as far as Jamaica. I have white candles four fresh candles, 1 green candle to burn for healing, a sage smudge stick with shell, rose petals from last Samhain's altar from my garden, the bowl of Epsom salt, my lavender essential oil, ground lavender bud powder, and  frankincense incense stick  as well as my symbol of the Goddess
Epsom salt is known for it's ability to purify the body, I place the salt surrounded by the candles and charge it by the elements to do it's job, 
then I add the essential oil, charge it again,
 add the bud powder charge it again. 
Before I add the rose petals, I sit and meditate, imagining the healing power of the herbs, the salt and the essential oil blending, I let them blend and charge until I feel the energy rolling around me and through me, my dominant hand generally gets really hot then I place it in the mixture and allow the energy to go into the mixture. 

Then I add the roses, these roses were on my altar last Samhain, and have a great deal of magic stored in them, they are also from my property so it has the earth flowing in them and this helps to ground you and strengthen the magic of your property, town and state, if you don't have plants, any flowers from a local garden will do.  Roses promote love, beauty, compassion, healing and protection, psychic powers (which fit in with everything we are dealing with).
I add these to the mixture and allow them to come together, as you can see I have one of the shells from the bowl in the mixture, this is to help mix the ingredients as well as to call the healing powers of the ocean, to wash away the negative feelings.  I then allow everything to sit together and charge.
In the meantime I clean the bath, if you haven't cleaned your bath now is the time to do it with baking soda, (no harsh chemicals, because you are going to be sitting/standing in it) 
Once you have allowed everything to charge, undress, move the bowl to the side of the altar
bring the healing candle forward and dedicate it again to the Goddess and God, bless it by each element and charge it to do it's purpose set it among the burning white candles. 
State the purpose of this ritual and light the candle. Once that is done get in the bath/shower, your going to do a quick cleaning first before we soak, imagine all the negativity swirling around you, running off your skin, if you have a soap that is for healing scrub your skin and allow the negativity to be washed away, let go of all the draining emotions, seek equilibrium. Once done, let the water collect into the tub (if you have one) and sit in it, let the smells sooth you and clear your mind, I like to lay back and cover every part of my body, then I use the healing epsom salt and soak in the tub.
For showers
The ritual will be the same, except, your not soaking in it. you cleanse first then rinse imagining all the stuff going down the drain, then scrub yourself with the epsom salt mixture while imagining the healing coming from it, scrub as many places as you can reach and just meditate on the healing aspect. Once done, rinse and imagine the water is the healing waters of the ocean and it is cleansing you (this one of the few times I will say you can let the water run as long as you need to)

Time Constraints & substitutions:
  •  If you need the healing but don't have a lot of time, simply make the healing mixture and charge your candles ahead of time on the full moon, have them sitting ready for whenever you need them. 
  • If you don't have a green candle, then yellow, white, or blue can be substituted for the can, even black to banish negativity.
  • You can substitute your own healing herbs as you prefer, this is simply a skeleton ritual that you can adapt as you so choose.
Happy Healing my loves



  1. I love your white bath ritual. I absolutely love to soak in a tub with salts and oils by candlelight. Thank you for sharing. I most likely will be borrowing this from you in my own bathroom!


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