Sunday 21 November 2010

Book Review

Judith E, Sulik's An adventure for your palate. (it's the smaller book on the right)

There are two of these books, version 1 and 2. I happen to have read over the summer version one and was super excited when i saw book two on sale on Friday. So here is the review i wrote up( or down on paper)  for book 1 and wanted to share with you ever since.(i read it just before the 31 days of Samhain started, since those days were all booked i couldn't slot it in anywhere)

It's an how to eat your way across the state book. it's great for the hundred mile diet plan because all the food is locally sourced, and almost all the restaurants are owned and operated by locals.  Omigosh with everything from NE clam chowder recipes(there are many imitations but few ever actually get it right) to vegan fore it highlights some of the best restaurants in the state (on the coast) and each chef shares their favorite recipes in the book.

The recipes highlights are from some of my favorite restaurants like the vegan haven in Bridgeport called Bloodroot  They are a feminist owned and operated with a seasonal menu, and they are very Goddess orientated. With dishes just too delish to describe.

If your ever in Connecticut this book will guide you some of the locally loved restaurants and eateries, which we consider some fo the best of the Best.

Can't make it here? Well, some of the best (easy to make) recipes have been included in his little book.
A must have for those who love to try new thing and wish to cook the New England way.

I will be posting images of my attempts at these delish dishes and of course the recipes.
have a Blessed Weekend my loves

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