Monday 15 November 2010

Monday Movies Reviews:

The Good Witch's Gift

This movie is the third installment in Good Witch movies by the Hallmark channel. And it does not disappoint. Once again we return to Middleton, and we find that Yule and Christmas are on their way.  Cassandra Nightingale and her beau Chief Russel have chosen the Big Day's date. And it's Christmas Eve, which is only SIX days away, and there begins the mad dash to an awesome day.

 I LOVE Catherine Bell as Cassandra, she is refreshing and great, and obviously in these movies (it's Hallmark channel people) even though there is a lot of chemistry between Cassie and Chief Russell it's very PG. So it's a good movie for the whole family. My mom who doesn't watch anything paranormal or even slightly witchy in anyway LOVED the movie.
Cassie is a refreshing take on a witch, absolutely awesome, and has her witchyness throughout the movie without it being an overt stamp of WITCH on it.She inspires many people throught out the film much like the spirit of Christmas. Really loved how they picked the wedding date, Chief Russell            "We have been trying to pick a date for months. And something always comes up,What was the excuse last time?" Cassie " Mercury in Retrograde..."

 And it's a good Christmas/Yule miracle movie about family and second chances.

I hope you will check it out
Blessed Be


  1. Love it! Thanks for joining in on the fun!

  2. thank you I am finishing up the real post for the party Late i know didn't get a chance to get it done before work, so I will leave it up longer tomorrow.
    thanks for hosting the party


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