Wednesday 24 November 2010

New Month

and officially Weather Maven Wednesday.  Yay!!!

I don't know about you but when the seasons change I can actually feel it, even before it officially became fall I could feel the change, there was a slightly cooler breeze in the air, the mornings were chillier and I heard the geese. 

Yes they started earlier this year or maybe I'm paying attention more.  Either way I have noticed the change. Fall for me has always been my favorite season.  it means Samhain is almost here and in New England it means the changing of leaves. 
 Its amazing to watch the colors change as if the trees are putting on a new outfit very very slowly.  Some change quickly and some wait until last minute to get dressed, but the changes are there.  You can see the squirrels running around picking up nuts and getting ready for winter. 
The Oak trees are dropping plenty of nuts, future trees to help build their forest and there is a sense of waiting. As if nature is gearing up for something Huge.
Recently on a drive to my favorite craft store I happen to pass the local pond, this pond is a meeting place for many, the birds, the people who come to skate when it ices over, and the farmers who own the corn farm across the street.
After having the privilege to get so close to these geese I knew I was being given a message, so I did some research into their meaning, On Samhain morning when I heard a flock flying by I murmured a prayer, as all birds are believed to usher prayers and souls to the other world. I asked for peace for the souls who were wandering that day,
If you have ever seen a flock of geese, you know there is always one in the lead, this bird cuts the wind so the others can fly easier as they go along, S/He also call out so the other birds don't get lost, as well as encourage each other. The goose is a good symbol of team work (much like a family unit that is functional), it has a clear leader, but the birds will rotate and hand off the position so that someone is always fresh for the leading position.
This one goose seemed to have chosen me, he wandered closer as I took pictures, and allowed me to get close and take as many as I wanted. Later I realized s/he was the leader of the group, as s/he got back in the water the other geese followed very much as if they were in the sky instead of the water.  I love the image below it's just so perfect and beautiful, the bird is just so amazing.
According to the Celts, because the Goose would return to the same place every year, they symbolize loyalty, especially loyalty to home.. They also represent patriotism, and nationalism. 
The wild geese also represent the nature -oriented side of your soul, they were once considered along with cats, the most likely of witches' familiars.  Being that to get geese to move, one prods them in the hind parts, they also symbolize being moved along a path. There is a new opportunities of something you should be doing and you are being moved along the path with gentle nudges.
geese also never leave an injured member behind, they will stay with the other bird until it dies or can fly again. 

All birds deal with the afterlife, and geese are no exception, they are seen as ushers of the soul to the other-side (due to their navigational skills) . they are also a symbol of the spiritual and are a source of inspiration.
Here the leading goose shares another symbol, one not of the Celtic system but of the African, this is the symbol of the Sankofa, this is the symbol of remembrance, of remembering ones roots, of learning from the lessons of the past. It literally means "To return and get it"
Seeing this was awesome, as I knew not only was I being warned of the changes in my life, I was also being reminded to listen to the lessons learned to aide in moving forward and I would be able to navigate much like the goose without always seeing but being intuitively lead. Sometimes geese can be seen as symbols of misfortune as well, so if you see them be aware of the warning whether good or bad news.  Our ancestors used to watch the birds to know when winter was coming as well as when bad weather was coming on suddenly, if you have every been somewhere and noted the sudden silence of the birds take that as a warning of danger ahead.
Geese are very protective of their young and of the members of their fleet, and will show a display of aggression by their wings, you can't seem them here but once I arrived I noted many carrion birds circling the small fleet, here one of the geese began his show of aggression when another bird flew too close to the fleet.
As if wanting me to know she (Morrigan) was never far away, several crows and ravens took up residence in these trees above the geese. 

I love this one in particular because I was able to catch the crow in the top right as it landed among the trees.
I hope you like the first of the series my loves, as I will attempt to add the series in with the 21 days of Yule,as this is a season to connect deeply. 
How have you noted being called to nature this season? Have you felt a deeper connection as you grow on your path? Any animals popping up for you? Please share in the comment section.
Blessed Be my loves



  1. Oh, crows and geese - I love that. Geese are sacred to Holda (Frau Hallle) Most of the animals here in the city are on leashes. But I do notice that the squirrels are plentiful. (They have black ones here.) Today we will go up north to get our tree so maybe I will see some interesting things in nature!

  2. @Aine Have fun picking your tree, I love tree hunting its so awesome, i hope you get to see some signs, but don't look too hard or you might miss the ones you really need to see, Blessed Be Have fun!!


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