Thursday 11 November 2010

Book Review: Revenge is a dish best served

sizzling hot, in Revenge Gifts by Cindy Cruciger

Tara Cole is a young woman who has made a business of helping others serve their ex's their just desserts. She creates a successful business, by helping you get revenge on the ones who wronged you in the relationship. Chocolates for the girl who on a perpetual diet; cat hair to drop on every available surface of the allergic ex-bastard...errrr. I mean ex-boyfriend. But it seems as with all things karma steps in or is it destiny? In walks Howard and let the games begin.

Ok can I tell you I loved this book? Why? Well because it came from the point of view that sometimes revenge is necessary. It helps you move on. Now I wouldn't advocate hexing all your ex's whether they be bosses, lovers or friends, (only because a hex ties them to you for the length of time it takes for the hex to work itself out, and really ? who wants those people hanging around?) But this form of revenge I could get down with. I personally am still friends with my ex's (the very few I've had), but being a Scorpio and Sagittarius I could very, very easily see the need to get someone back. Sort of even out the playing field.

However when you have talent ( I mean real talent ) for magic; willy-nilly usage like this is a waste, Tara doesn't or hasn't learned (before the book started) that dabbling in magic you don't understand is a no-no, and the resulting carnage that is her life (the book) is a good read. A good cautionary tale and fun and funny read. Add in a friend who is a witch, a possessed dog, two ghosts bent on their own revenge, and a Voodoo Queen, and its one hell of a tale!!

There are many things I would love to call the author out on, but I figure if you read it, you can come back and we can compare notes.!!
Have fun reading my loves


  1. I have this book on my shelf and love it, too!

  2. @ MrsB ain't it grand!! I loved her friend Kathy, just wished she had listened to her more. Thanks for commenting


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