Friday 12 November 2010


Can come from all sources. 

And I was recently inspired by Julie, she was talking about being authentically you and discussing what she wanted on her blog, and I recently wanted to blog about a subject but feared how you my readers would react. Now I haven't really held any punches when talking here, and when I knew I didn't have anything authentically me to say, I took a break instead of just writing some half-hearted posts. It's a learning process this blogging, what works, what your readers like, and what you ultimately really wish to talk about.

I took part in the Practical Magic Blog Party and loved it, but I wanted to talk about something that no one else seemed to focus on in the blog posts, but I held back.  So now I'm thinking I won't, I don't like drama, so I'm not looking to create a blog post to stir up the pagan community, I just wish to share what I think on this tiny corner of cyberspace that is my own, and I would rather not lose readers, but if I do thems the breaks O_o (sad face) I guess.

I wanted to clarify the point of my blog also, I started as a blog about losing weight, and I will still cover that, but it won't be the only thing I talk about.  I also love to craft, and that was the original plan, to craft and talk about weight loss, hmmm I'm thinking I have come a long way from that, food can't be the be all and end all of my life, there is more to me than just eating and exercising. I will cover basically everything under my Broomstick Guide.I wish to share my adventures with you, and hope you will come along as I walk my path

I will not "Pimp for Page views or Comments" by posting on controversial topics or subjects like I said NO Drama, 

So I am hoping that my interests will pique yours and that you will enjoy the posts I have to share.  If not then may the Gods Bless you on your journey as we part ways.  ( I sound brave don't I?? My inside craving for attention girl is screaming NOOOO Please Don't go, and the big girl Witch is kinda agreeing with her, ) But we must all do what is best for us.

Safe flying my loves


  1. More than anything I wish to be in a community where I can believe whatever I want and be respected and I allow people to believe what they want and I grant them the same respect I would like, even if I don't agree with their ideas. I will be sticking around, I might comment I agree or I might disagree. I might just fail to comment, but I will be sticking around because I want to be in an open honest community where we can be ourselves and still be friends, even when we agree to disagree.

  2. @FaerieSage OMGoddess Thank YOU!! this is what I want, so I'm guessing we have to actively create the reality we wish for. I'm glad your sticking around!!!
    Blessings on you too


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