Wednesday 24 November 2010

KWW: Day 1


Hello my loves
and welcome to Kitchin Witchin Wednesdays. I have joined
Mom’s A Witch. I normally try to post a Kitchen Witchin recipes, idea or craft, admittedly due to the festivies of the last few weeks I haven’t posted anything, this new blog idea is great for getting me back on track.
Here are some ideas for being an excellent Kitchen Witch..
1) Pick one day in which to maintain your kitchen, as you clean bless each instrument and thank them for aiding you in creating, maintaining a healthy home
2) Create a special place for a hearth Goddess, if oyu have a fire place in the kitchen this is easy place it on the mantle, if you don't have a fireplace, how about ontop of your cabinets?
3) Wash your floors with peppermint in your soap to help prevent pests
4) Try to go green by using baking soda, and your own soap which is easy to make, don't have the time? Try using green cleaners, like Method, Seventh Generation,  you can check out
Treehugger for reviews on other green cleaners.
5) Try to use fresh spices if you can. Purchase only dried spices from reputable places, if you can attempt to grow some, many herbs winter well, thyme, rosemary, lemon verbena, simply place them near the kitchen
6) Place flowers, or fresh herbs, something growing should be in your kitchen
7) make sure your tools are sharp and good, the best tools help to make the best meals
8) Only stir in a clockwise motion when make a meal, you can stir counterclockwise to release negativity from eating a particular meal, but stirring clockwise aides in adding energy and blessings in the meal..
9) Try to purchase as many of your produce and meat from local farms and as you bring in your produce to your home, thank the Gods for the food, thank the animals for their sacrifice.
10) If you are a hunter, thank the animals as you bring them home, thank the gods for their participation in your hunt.
11) try to purchase extra food, that way once a month you can donate in the Goddesses name to the local food donation center.

Please share any of your tips in the comment section and don't forget to check out Mom's A Witch's website.
Blessed Be


  1. What great tips!!
    Thank you for joining KWW!!

  2. Thanks Emberlyn Rayne I can't wait for more people to join in!! Thanks for the great idea and blessing

  3. I'm not a proclaimed kitchen witch, but I do cook and love these tips.They're basic and uncomplicated. I'm going to print these out,thank you :) I'm going to have a small kitchen witch giveaway soon. It seems like this time of the year, more people are being drawn to the kitchen.

  4. @ Wendy Im glad you like them. Yes at parties no matter how nicely the house is decorated everyone ends up in the Kitchen!! Ill post picks soon of the setup on top of my cabinets so everyone has an idea of what they can do. OHHH I can't wait for the giveaway. BB


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