Sunday 21 November 2010

Book Review

Cheese making: Self-Sufficiency by Rita Ash

With many re-awakening to the "domestic" arts, and many Americans attempting to reconnect with nature, there are many books out there addressing this topic. Rita Ash's book is perhaps one of the easiest for a lay person to understand the fine art of cheese-making.

This is a book for those who are attempting to be self sufficient ( I mean it's in the title LOL). Rita makes cheese making a very easy task, compared to some of the books I've seen on the subject. . From the history of cheese-making to the kinds of cheese, she breaks it down into a simple easy task anyone with the time can try. And Rita makes it seem like it's not really a big time consuming task, so in no time you will be cutting the cheese (ok I'm sorry I'll stop)

She covers everything needed, from the source of cheese to the kinds of cheese you can make at home.  With many people going back to faming or even trying their hand at homesteading or even doing things they can to lover their bills this is a step in that direction.  It is especially necessary for the urban homesteader or those that are preparing for the end of the world (hey don't knock it, everyone has to have a hobby)

The recipes are easy to understand and most of the ingredients easily found at the local farmers market. She adds a great resource in the back of the book which makes this book a great jumping off point for those interested in making their own cheese. Or even just learning how cheese is made. You can use many of your own utensils, so no need to run out to buy new things (damn there goes a good shopping excuse) Many of the cheese recipes end up coming out cheaper than the ones in the store and some are a little more expensive (based on where and how you purchased your basic ingredients- lesson learned shop around)

I highly recommend this book.
Have fun making your cheese my loves
Blessed Be
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  1. Hmmm...sounds interesting. I have tried to make cheese with my goatie's milk and didn't have success so I made some fantastic soap instead. :)

  2. Hi, I have known Rita since I was 12 and I am now 60 she is an amazing woman and has travelled many place teaching the art of cheese making.

    Do give Cheese making a go its work the effort .

  3. @ Pammie, thanks so much for commenting. I love this book and have tried a few of the recipes, when i have more time i will be doing more. it's fun to experiment with.
    Blessed Be

    @ Sophiadawn it's a great book to check out when you have the chance, it gives different ways to use it, and like you said when all esle fails there is soap!!!
    Blessed Be

  4. I must be the only one in the world whose soap-making efforts have resulted in barely usable goo. On the other hand, cheese makes a great sprinkle for chili, lentil soap, tomato soap (it's cold outside, brrr), and of course, whole wheat crackers.

  5. MsLilypads, i used to have the same thing happen, it depends on what you are using on the soaps, how long you have allowed them to cure, the additives. Mostly it's the cure time, give them extra time, and if all else fails you have washing soap or even floor cleaner.


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