Sunday 21 November 2010

Romance Book Reviews

Helen Brooks "The Greek Tycoon's Bride"

For such a small book this packs quite a punch. I picked this book up on a whim on Friday. I like to indulge every once in a while in what I like to think of as "fluff trashy" novels. In between, deep thought provoking non-fiction, and all guts and gory novels (seems like all paranormal books is all I read) I like to give my mind a little break by reading this quick bite books. They're never too heavy and they always have a happy ending.

This helps keep the empathic part of my mind from becoming bogged down with the ugliness of the world or from becoming drained on the worries of the world.  Hey we all need out sanity valves and these are mine.  Now sometimes i read these books and which to chuck them through the nearest window. The women are sometimes weak, almost everyone of them is a virgin (wth is this obsession with this????), the men are no modern woman's idea of a prize, they are borderline abusive, obsessive, arrogant, and bullies; not to mention disrespectful and just plain in need of a good punch to the face. But they are fluff for me, not the gory novels I generally read and get lost it, it's there to give my mind a rest from attempting to figure out how to "find" the next killer in the novels.

But I digress, recently I noticed that some of the women actually had backbones, some even had thoughts that seemed like real women, this book is one of them.  It comes closest to describing real love and the issues faced by couples for these small books.
The main female character meets the other half of her soul and fights like hell to resist the charm.  she's flawed, she has issues and uncertainties that don't stem from body (because we all obsess about looking like someone else's idea of beauty  O_o) or equality (because all the men we meet are completely out of our league, and we must feel insecure with his friends and family O_o); and they don't disappear with the words I love you. Which thank Goddess is what real love is, it makes it easier to fight your battles, it doesn't conquer them for you.
She's successful, knows her worth, and fights like hell to be seen as more than a pretty face.  The male lead is someone any woman would be lucky to love, he's patient and willing to go the miles to make the relationship really work, not just lip service; and he knows the woman is worth fighting with and for.

If you have passed these books up before, when and if you ever get a chance to read them (from a second hand store, you know make it easier on the wallet), do read this one. it's been the closest to real relationships I have read. heck it inspired me to stay up and finish it, as well as write a post. how many books can claim that (ok maybe a lot, but none of these "fluff" books have before)

Blessed Be my loves
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