Tuesday 12 July 2011

Book Review: Erotica

Book Title: Forbidden Pleasure
Author: Lora Leigh
Publisher: St Martin's Griffin
Cost; $13.95
How I Got it: Purchased
DescriptionPeople have heard of fleeting rumors about The Club. Located just outside Washington, D.C., only its members know where men go when they want to indulge the desire to share their women with a carefully selected male partner. John “Mac” McCoy resigned his membership from The Club when he married Keiley Hardin. Tempting and innocent, sweet and sexy, she would never accept Mac’s desire to share her with another man. However, Mac’s fantasies of sharing his wife haunt his dreams.  And his passions. Unable to wait any longer to draw his best friend Jethro Riggs into his marriage, Mac invites Jethro to their home with the intention of drawing Keiley into the pleasures that only be achieved when two men love the same woman. But there’s more going on in Mac’s neck of the woods than a little additional pleasure. A past case, a stalker that likes to playing games and his wife is now in the middle of it all. Passion and pleasure, danger and desire combine as forbidden pleasure becomes an addiction none of them can escape.
My take on the book:
Where do I start?? Ms.Leigh knows how to pen a scorching hot tale. From the beginning this book pulls the reader in. I have read several of the Bound Heart series, and this has got to be the best one yet.  I love a good mystery, and this one has both mystery and some steamy sex scenes, and lots of romance.  Keiley and Mac are young, newly married couple. Keiley is afraid of gossip, only the way someone who has burdened the brunt of society's censure fears it, and that's why Mac takes her to the small town he grew up in, where else can you learn to stand tall and tell the gossips to eff off than in a small town?  Mac craves, needs and loves menages, especially when he shares with Jethro, his best friend and ex FBI partner. Both men have pasts that have exposed them to the darker side of humanity at young ages, and this became a sort of therapy for them, now it's a necessity they both grave, they both love Keiley, and she is there only hope of being healed.  For them she becomes home, but when they are faced with their past, the town's censure, can they last??

This is an amazing book, and if you into erotica, and mystery, this is a good one for you.  I loved how Keiley bloomed under their attention, and how they in turn found something not having to do with sex from the triad.

I really enjoyed this book, I loved the writing, how the characters developed, how it all flowed. Did I mention that the sex scenes where raise the temperature hot??
Check it out when you have a chance, it's definitely a keep your partner close kind of book. might even inspire you:)
Be Blessed

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