Thursday 14 July 2011

On the Telly

Yeah I know it's not a paranormal show, but it's really accurate about what takes place in a hospital. HawthoRNe, is so amazing, even my nursing teachers discuss it in school.

Since Christina Hawthorne (played by the sexy Jada Pinkett Smith) is one of the only positive depictions of nurses on t.v; as much as I love House m.d, they always have the doctors doing all the work O_o unrealistic like hell, I have meet doctors in the field all the time who haven't done a venipuncture in so long (unless they are E.R or OR docs) that they end up calling for the IV nurse or just any nurse to do it (they can do it, but they sometimes stick the patient more than once to get it, and that's a big no-no). Do I personally know if all the political schennigans take place like on the show? Gods no and I hope to never be there when they go down.

Nurses are very rarely the center of any show it's always about the Doctors (not that I'm hating, but...uhmmm where would doctor's be without nurses??? #justsaying).  Nurse Jackie is a junkie, House only uses nurses in the background, I've never watched (and am never going to) Grey's Anatomy so I have no idea what they do on there, all other shows I have seen have either shown one of two stereotypes: Nurse Ratchet the mean nurse who will hold you down and give you a horrible shot, or Slutty nurse who is going to sex you better O_o on both those stereotypes, but there it is.

Ok so now the review of the show:

The show centers around the nursing staff and their interactions with doctors and patients, and the center of it all is Christina Hawthorne who is the Chief Nursing Officer (she;s the big kahuna for the nurses), it's her job to help in running the whole hospital's nursing staff and help keep the hospital afloat. In her effort she has her slightly damaged BFF Bobby, a nurse with a heart of gold and a sharp wit she uses often, Candy the sexy nurse with a penchant for making the stays of military boys "extra special". Nurse Ray who is in love with Candy, is one of the only male nurses on staff and manages to get the angst of that all down while still doing an amazing job as a nurse.  Rounding out the cast is Dr. Tom a chief of surgery, who is also a prior and future love interest for Christina, Dr. Brenda the head of her department, who is also a bit of a sour-puss, and Christina's teenage daughter from her previous marriage, Camille.

the show has an astounding cast and some amazing story lines. Some a little to dramatic for real life, but sometimes the E.R can feel just like on the show. I love it and can't wait to see what this season brings. Although I do wish they changed Christina's bandages in the show's premiere (just saying no nurse would ignore that) . You can watch the show on TNT Tuesdays @10/9c.  You can also catch up on the last few episodes on Last season can be viewed on Dvd from Netflix, or even on if you have a subscription.

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I do!!
Be Blessed


  1. I've never heard of this show but it sounds really good and worth checking out. Thanks! :)


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