Tuesday 12 July 2011

Book Review: One Two Punch

Book Title: One Two Punch
Author: Katie Allen
Publisher: Ellorascave
Pages: 173
Cost; $ 6.99
How I Got it: Purchased 
Beth is willing to do almost anything to meet her dream man--including taking boxing lessons. She'd passed Harry's gym for weeks before mustering up the nerve to walk in and talk to the gorgeous owner. Once she does, sparks fly as well as punches. 

Their budding relationship is tested with the arrival of Ky, Harry's old Army buddy. After years of frustrated longing for his fellow soldier, Ky is hoping that he can win Harry's heart. He hadn't planned on Beth, however--or the scorching desire she inspires. 
As the trio struggle to accept their feelings for each other, a menacing figure stalks Beth, watching, waiting--and preparing to snatch her away from the two men she's grown to love. from author's blog
My take on the book:
I want this love story. I truly loved this story, especially the love that forms between Beth & Harry. Man oh man they jsut couldn't keep their hands off each other. I really love her because even though she is nervous & scarred as hell she still gets up the nerve to approach the man she has wanted for years.  

Beth & Harry get together & as they begin to build their relationship Harry let's his one obsession out the bag & Beth gets all hot & bothered by it. Beth has a stalker which only drives Harry crazy and makes him want to hang onto & protect her, as her relationship with Harry grows her stalker gets worse. 

This story is rauncy, fun, sweet & so good.  For a small book it packs quite a punch in the emotional department. I really love this one & all the twists & turns. This author can pen a good story. I love this book, I re-read it ALL the time!!!!

Book gets a 5/5 for story
5 alarm HOT!!!

Happy Reading

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