Tuesday 19 July 2011

Book Review

Author:  JJ Murray
Publisher: Kensington
Pages: 363
Cost; $ 15.00
How I Got it: Purchased 
DescriptionWhen recently widowed Joe Murphy "meets" Shawna Mitchell in an online forum, all he's seeking is advice on keeping his home and his family together. Shawna's compassionate e-mails become his lifeline, and as months pass their correspondence grows deep and warm. Discovering that Shawna lives only blocks away. . .well, it feels like more than luck. It feels a lot like hope.
With three children to raise, Shawna has no interest in getting close to another man, let alone one who s got three kids of his own. And the fact that Joe's white can only complicate matters more. But now, as they navigate family dates and vacations and their own doubts and fears, Joe and Shawna find themselves moving toward a future that's bright, new, and totally unexpected. Because the only thing more difficult than uniting two stubborn families would be walking away from something that feels so right. . .

My take on the book:
Joe is pretty helpless, I liked how he was attempting getting his life together after his wife died; he wasn't used to doing any of the things he now has to do. He sought help froma  forum of like minded individuals, In walks Shawna, a mother with her own broad and her own issues of dealing with widowhood, the two bond and begin to help each other out.  Ok so I understand the premise, but had he never lived on his own, shopped for himself?? How could he not know which way helps save toilet paper?? I understand shopping for a family can be difficult when you have never had to do it, but really though??

I loved how the two families had to learn to get along, especially after an altercation between the two teenage children of both Shawna and Joe, (and that was even before they started dating); I can't imagine having to learn to get along with someone who you can't stand personally because now they are your family (wait I take that back, not everyone in a family gets along...so... this is legit).  The differences between them including race, make their lives a little difficult especially because they live in the south. Their faith in God however makes all their trials easier to handle, and gives them a excellent foundation for their relationship. I only wish more couples I knew remembered that: Faith first, then your partner second.

This is a good book to read, it's not the best he's written and it's not a burn rubber book, but it's a great read if you have space on your list.

Be Blessed

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