Tuesday 1 January 2013

ARC Book Review: Shadow Woman

Book Title: Shadow Woman
Author: Linda Howard
Publisher: Random House Publishing
Format: Hardcover
Cost: $27.00
Pages: 336
How I got it: Publisher Via Netgalley
My Rating:★★★★★
Erotica Rating:★★★☆☆ 
Lizette Henry wakes up one morning and makes a terrifying discovery: She doesn’t recognize the face she sees in the mirror. She remembers what she looks like, but her reflection is someone else’s. To add to the shock, two years seem to have disappeared from her life. Someone has gone to great and inexplicable lengths to keep those missing years hidden forever. But the past always finds a way to return. Strange memories soon begin to surface and, along with them, some unusual skills and talents that Lizette hasn’t a clue about acquiring. Sensing that she’s being monitored, Lizette suddenly knows how to search for bugs in her house and tracking devices in her car. What’s more, she can elude surveillance—like a trained agent. Enter a mysterious and seductive stranger named Xavier, who claims he wants to help—but who triggers disturbing images of an unspeakable crime of which Lizette may or may not be the perpetrator. With memories returning, she suddenly becomes a target of anonymous assassins. On the run with nowhere to hide, Lizette has no choice but to rely on Xavier, a strong and magnetic man she doesn’t trust, with a powerful attraction she cannot resist. As murky waters become clear, Lizette confronts a conspiracy that is treacherous and far-reaching and a truth that, once revealed, may silence her and Xavier once and for all.

My Review:
Holy Cow, I took about 12 hours to read because it's just that awesome.   I'm a huge old school Linda Howard fan, I re~read Mackenzie's Mountain whenever I need a good romance, I also re~read any of her spy books from the 90s; I think the only book she has ever written that I don't love is All that Glitters. When I saw she had a new book coming out?? I didn't even have to read the synopsis before I requested it, it's Linda, it's always a good read & I wasn't disappointed.

From the beginning, I was hooked, OMG It was just...Wow!!! Very much classic Linda, old school spy classic Linda. Those who have read her recent books know she's been using nature as a villain for a while, especially the last two to three books & for a few it was a little off putting.This one is all human villains let me tell you, it's so worth the read.

I'm so in love with this book, I'm adding a physical copy to my collection * I have all of her books & I do mean ALL* as soon as possible.This one falls in with the early spy novels a mirrors one of her best sellers "Kiss Me While I Sleep". Which I absolutely loved; spy stuff, lots of hot men, a conspiracy that's just too good. I had to stay up and read it, I couldn't not find out what happened I stayed up trying to read it and fell asleep with the kindle on my face passed out on the couch. When we finally got to the explanation?? OMFG holy crap what a crazy shyt storm, I just WOW!!!  Lizzy was an amazingly three dimensional character who had so much going on & wanted to answer all the questions that were going on in her head... I mean who wakes up & thinks " that's not my face.."  I literally laughed out loud at some her actions, she was very inventive & just really good at staying one head step ahead of everyone good guys & bad!!!  The dreams with her and Mr. X??? just wow, especially...we;; I'll let you read it and see what I mean. As for Felice: you idiot!!! 

Just READ IT!!! Skip everything else on your To be read list and just get to this one already!!!! It's a burn rubber book must read..Now excuse me while I head to my sporting goods store to get some bug spray..... Oh & don't forget to add it to Goodreads

Happy Reading my loves.

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