Wednesday 9 January 2013

KWW: Organizing & Making a House into a Home

Well, hello there. Welcome back to another post about KWW, this is going to be mt home edition as well.  I'm doing my best to make my house more a home these days especially with winter coming. I don't want to be in a house that isn't comfortable.

I have had the pleasure of "meeting" a new organizer and her name is Alejandra, she is a home organizer from YT. Here's her channel: Home Organizing,
I have been obsessively watching her videos and getting ideas on how to make my home more organized. I love her ideas, and her obsession with the Container Store, which i totally understand because I'm equally in love with Ikea.   So here are some of the things I have done this month using her ideas.

Here are a few of the things I have organized, I did my under the sink kitchen cupboard. It's pretty awesome, I'm sure that it will change pretty soon as I am waiting on things from...Ikea, I have so many things I will be doing I can't wait to show you the rest.  I have been cleaning out, giving away, purging, and organizing and when I find my camera I'm going to show y'all my progress.

I have discovered a passion for the Dollar Tree & family Dollar stores, which have great organizing products for cheap (sometimes just a dollar).  I have cleaned out mine and my sister's bathroom cupboards, as well as my catch call closet and so many different areas around my home.

I left my camera at my parents home during christmas break and I haven't had time to go back and get it, it has all my progress so far on it. Which is why there aren't any pictures today but their will be in next week's post I promise.

In the meantime check out Alejandra's free seven day class on organizing and let me know what you think,  Happy Organizing
It's Humday!!! The weekend is almost here

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