Monday 16 April 2012

What I have learned living on my own

Hey there dear readers…

I finally have a breathe and want to tell you all about my new home. well I moved in in August, got rid of all the boxes and now am wondering how the heck i fit so much stuff in my old home when now it takes up most of an apartment?? 

Since I have moved out I have noticed a few things about myself I didn't know before. Some are good, some bad, some so-so, and some I knew but they have really been highlighted since I moved out.
  1. Budgeting is key and I'm not as good as I should be: It's always easier to say or promise anything when you know the roof over your head is already paid for. Example I lived with my parents & never had to pay any bills other than those I racked up on my own, I paid for groceries as well but it wasn't required. Now that I have to pay rent, I have had to learn to budget, I mean I did before, but now it's not so easy to break it without there being consequences.
  2.  I'm both a perfectionist and lazy. How could those two even be in the same sentence?? Well let me tell you, I have an idea of how I want things done, and if it doesn't seem like the perfect 'ideal' is going to be met I will put it off until such a times as it needs to be done; this isn't to say I don't handle my business or that I don't pay things when they are due, but more simple things like putting up the last of the pictures, sorting out the bottom cupboards, or putting off fixing the cabinets in the kitchen ( which I eventually did, and I post about it here).
  3. It's was easier to be green when I only had myself to worry about: Now that I have a budget, I have found myself looking at the products that I purchase I want to be green but sometimes, it's cheaper to buy the non-organic or non 'green' item than it is to buy it's counterpart. I feel guilty as heck since I know ALL about the dangers of some of these things, but when your deciding to purchase several apples, celery and a couple of peppers or that green cleaner for $6.99; the larger variety makes more sense.
  4. I'm a huge procrastinator when it comes to cleaning I don't mind it, I actually enjoy knowing I just mopped the floors with my crocheted cleaning cloth; I calculated once and discovered it takes about an hour and a half to clean my whole house: every room vacuumed, trash taken out, dishes done. floors mopped, mirrors & bathrooms cleaned. Yet I can stretch this into a two day affair, I will clean the carpets then take a break, clean somewhere else then take another break. And sometimes I have NO earthly idea what I spent the time on. Since I clean every week, it's not truly a mess, but things are out of order and i need to reset them, but sometimes i look at the pile of stuff to be done and say "oh well, I'll get to them tomorrow"
  5. Before I could blame my parents now there isn't anyone to blame if I purchase food that's not healthy or from the nightshade family because I'm the who does the shopping. Not losing weight?? Well I'm the cook so who else is left to blame?? No One that's who.
  6. Before I could blame being at home for not practicing, as I made the promise to bot really practice within their walls, and sometimes it meant not being able to practice at all. Now it's my home, but my practice is still floundering. I know I talked about feeling disconnected before, but now I know I really need to connect not just to the land but to some people as well, I need more friends who live within the city instead of going back home all the time.  Every monday the witch store in my town has a magic monday class and yet i never quite seem to make it there, when I lived further away I went more often. How's that for irony??
These are just a few; there are more, way more, some too personal to share, others I will share at another time. But for now these little insights have made me realize that although I have matured there are still many more things for me to learn and do.

What are some of the things you learned about yourself once you moved out on your own?? Share in the comments please


  1. Its a huge difference being on your own. I remember the change myself. My.first issue was getting used not having all the little stuff my mom aways had around, various office supplies, miscellaneous screws, etc.

    As to the cost of green cleaning products. Check outThe Morticians Wife, she's doing a whole series on frugal green cleaning for April.

    1. thanks her blog is awesome, I have subbed, yes, my moms stuff definitely made the house a home.

  2. I"m about to downsize major time from my three bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment and already identify with so much of what you're experiencing without even moving yet. Living alone IS a big deal and challenging and along with the incredible sense of freedom comes the responsibility of cleaning, being more conscience, etc...good job and I hope you post more about solo living and how to clean and decorate.

    1. i'm going to do my best, as these things come up to keep posting about them, have "fun" moving. downsizing hurts because you now have to decide what of your stuff is no longer worth hanging on to. yet they all feel so necessary.


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