Tuesday 17 April 2012

Book Review: Dark Symphony

 Book Title: Dark Symphony
Author: Christine Feehan
Publisher: Jove
Cost: $6.99
How I got it: Library
My Rating: ★★★★☆
Byron, a Carpathian male and hunter of the vampire follows the sound of compelling music to Italy. There he discovers his lifemate, Antoinetta Scarletti, heiress to the great Scarletti fortune. A renowned concert pianist, Antoinetta is the glue that holds the Scarletti family together. Blinded in an explosion that killed her parents, she nevertheless stands to run the family shipping business.Antoinetta lives in the palazzo della morte, the palace of death. There, like her ancestors, she finds someone wants her dead. Antoinetta has a few secrets of her own and together, Byron and Antoinetta face the killers and one out of control Carpathian youth. 

My Review:
I so have to do a separate review on the series itself because this makes no sense. Ok I liked this story. The romance of it, the mystery, the non vampire action, this book was pretty cool. I really need to stop bouncing around in the series and read it as they were printed but I can't get the books in order, so I'm gaining information about other stories as I go, while also knowing whats coming up ahead for the characters.

Byron is one of the other warriors who wasn't meant to be a warrior but answered the prince's call. As a gem worker he isn't trained as well as those who are born to be warriors, and his rashness leads him into a trap by the vampires where he is tortured and becomes bait that leads several other Carpathians into the vampire's hands.  Punishing himself by banishing himself from his people & wandering the world as a hunter, he stumbles into Italy where the Scarletti family rules. It was nice to see the descendants of the Scarletti family still living in the palace, and knowing what I knew about their ancestor couldn't wait to see how this would play out.

Byron slowly seduced his mate and let her get to know him, while trying to let her get to know him.  Toni Scarletti was a world famous concert pianist, who is in charge and knows her role in her life. Faced with being a lifemate she doesn't know her role  in this relationship, but she wants to find out. She wants to be more than the leader of her family, she wants to be something to someone.  She was at first uncertain and only wanted a lover and Byron had to show her that his people weren't like the jaguar=men who left their women.

Into the blending of their two lives and the creation of a new Carpathian couple is the mystery of who is trying to hurt the Scarletti family.  Which one of her family members have betrayed her. which one of them was willing to do anything to gain it all.

Cons of the story:

  • Toni's willingness to ignore the fact that several of her family members were more than willing to walk all over her
  • the stereotypical bitchiness of one of her family members, who was pretty but 'useless' and therefore found herself through men. ~~ Really though?? She couldn't just have daddy issues, she had to have all of the other issues as well?? Plus be an extra drama queen??
  • the in-law who was harsh to her kids but loved the Scarletti name more than she loved who her kids were. Yes she married up but really did she have to be so insecure that she was willing to throw it all away?
  • why do people feel the need to talk smack about rap?? Okay maybe the arena Josef choose wasn't the most appropriate time, but why throw shade on an entire genre of music??
Okay even as I was typing these I realised many of these are normal human traits, I simply wished she didn't have all of these characters in one family that all live together at one time.  I do think it's the mark of a good book that after you put it down your still thinking about the characters. I enjoyed this one, it was nice to see old characters, meet new ones, and learn even more about the Carpathian world.

Happy Reading

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