Monday 2 April 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend I participated in the Blogiesta event.
As you can see the blog has been spruced up a bit, changed for the Spring and even neaten up quite a bit. things have changed behind the scenes too. But here are some of the most notable items you will see, I now have the social media button I love so much when i go to other blogs, I can't tell you how frustrating they were to work out but they look awesome!!  My original list for the blog even can be found here. Even though the party is over, I'm going to finsih my list by the end of this week. So just pardon the dust please.

 In other news : For the month of march I set the goal of reading 20 books, I didn't meet that goal, I did pretty well considering I kinda started late in the month, you can see the stats below. You can see the original list here:
Goal for the Month: 15 Books  Left:  9    Completed: 6  Bonus: 1/6
Advanced Review Book List:
  • Alls Fair in Vanities War ~ Elizabeth Marx 3/25
  • Simple Secrets to a happy life ~ Luci Swindell 3/30
  • House of Saint's ~ A.C. Mason 3/28
  • Enchanted ~ Josee' Renard 3/22
My Own Review:
  • Celebrity in Death ~ JD Robb 3/25
  • The Best of Me ~ Nicholas Sparks 3/23
  • Keeper of the Spirit ~ Ruby Storm 3/22

I have updated this list for April and you can follow along with me there(it's actually linked above). I  have also created a easily search able list of all my IMM books so you can see the progress.

I recently realised that I have once again begun to procrastinate when it comes to my Bucket List. I haven't really done anything on it since the holidays. With spring and summer coming it's going to be an awesome time to accomplish many of the items that are local. I'm looking forward to knocking a few off the list but I won't tell you about those until they have happened (nothing the trickster Anansi loves more than to muck up good plans, so let's not tempt him).

Funniest thing happened at work yesterday, one of the guys I know was being himself, whenever he walks into the room you can't help but know he's there, he's loud with a deep booming voice and looks like the linebacker he used to be (a big man, but fit). Under my breath I muttered he reminded me of a certain god, loud, boisterous, much like the thunder He is lord over. Didn't realise he could hear me ( I swear all the noise on the floor dropped long enough for me to be heard) and not only wasn't he offended, he GOT the reference, it turns out he is a devotee of the Orisha Shango. I almost fell over, first of all it wasn't the first time it popped into my head that he was very much like this God, and second I hadn't meant to say anything it just came popping out. We had a pretty interesting conversation throughout the day, but it was awesome knowing another pagan worked with me.

I seem to be having more of these lately, the feeling or sensing the presence of Otherwordly beings or Gods.  I have even had some seriously vivid dreams, and wake up remembering them all clearly. I don't know if it's the blooming of spring or if I'm just linking up with my new town, but I'm finally beginning to feel at home.  I love my apartment because it feels happy here, lots of good energy and this kind of energy takes years to build up; I can feel it in the walls, and it makes calling circle seriously amazingly powerful.

I believe I can finally say I'm happy here. Right where I am, I'm happy. ( crap now I've given the Gods a target)
Be Blessed today and May all your happiness be found within.


  1. You know the gods are not spiteful enough to take something away just because you say you like it. They may test you, but they are not mean. ^^

    1. Yeah but the testing will sometimes make me wish I had never said anything at all. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for joining in with Bloggiesta! That's awesome that you'll keep working on things this week.

    1. Thanks Suey. Can't wait for the next time around,I have found some awesome blogs thanks to this event. Yep I'll be working the rest of the week to get this done but get it done I will!!


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