Thursday 19 April 2012

Paranormal Telly: Angel

Show: AngelSeasons: 5
Run Time: 40 mins
Air Dates & Time: Cancelled
Reruns can be seen: Netflix, Hulu Plus
Ohh man, I did a review about Buffy here. I loved this show, I watched Buffy and then went back and forth with Buffy and Angel once he got his spin-off. I'm so upset with my younger self for not watching these shows when they were on, but then again I got to watch all of them at once without the wait in between.
The story arc is of course totally awesome. Angel is a bad ass Vampire who after eating & torturing a young gypsy woman is cursed by her family with his soul. This return of his conscience results in him becoming a tortured soul and he tries to live his life without creating more havoc. He meets Buffy and becomes her first love, and from there the action really starts, the curse states that should he have one moment of bliss that the curse will be lifted and his soul cast out.

I loved watching the struggle between the Vampire Slayer who was born with the duty of slaying all those that prey on humanity and her new found friend and eventual love who just happens to be a Vampire.

The storyline flowed extremely well, they tried pretty hard to answer many of the questions that fans had about Angel and Buffy, and even about Angel's past. The witty banter between all the characters, the scenes that made you talk about the episode even after you watched it. I enjoyed seeing Spike coming onto the show, he certainly added some very needed wit and banter to Angel's seriousness.

I loved the show, the dilemma that Angel faced each episode, even when he was in the wrong, I particularly loved watching a vain character from Buffy become someone we could admire.  Cordelia always has something hilarious to say that makes you laugh and think 'man she's so right', especially in the first episode when she calls him out on the fact that he an old vampire but he is broke, because he didn't save any money. I laughed so hard at that.

If you can please do check it out on the channels listed above or even at your local library.
Happy Watching & Be Blessed

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