Sunday 29 April 2012

In My Opinion:

I give No F**ks about the drama going on this week. Yes it's harsh and kinda rude but this is my blog, my space to say what I want. Personally I just don't care enough to get this worked up over something that to me seems trivial. Here is what I care about this week: my next door neighbour, whose boyfriend decided her face looked like a good place to park his fist, several times over. That is important, this big hoopla?? Not important at least not to me because I really wasn't involved at all.

Yes I get it; it's wrong, yes she did it and she will deal with the fall out of her stupidity, error, mistake, accident whatever the heck you want to call it. Personally, I feel bad for the women who were the original victims of the plagiarism, but as for the others who felt they needed to out Kristi and cause this big fiasco?? There is a special name for y'all and it's called instigators. In the end the instigators allways cause more trouble than the initial problem was truly worth.  If the victims made an agreement with Kristi and they decided not to out her, why all these months later did you feel the need to run in and scream bloody murder??

And for those who have spent their days talking about how they always hated her anyway because she is (insert whatever here) and then have the nerve to say that she's  the one making the blogging world look bad?? Not your behaviour; not the things that you are saying on either side of the issue, the ones going after GG & the other victims, or the ones attempting to tear Kristi down. How about ALL of this is a cluster f**k and you all look petty as shyt?? How about that??

If you don't like her actions and you have made your decision not to follow her COOL do you. As for those who came crawling out the woodwork showing your complete and whole asses and make extra fools of yourselves?? Y'all can crawl back into the holes you came out of & go kick rocks in flip flops,

Here's how I truly feel, IMM is a way for me to meet new bloggers, Heck almost all my new book blogs that I follow are a result of IMM, I just started it in the last few months and I like the blogs I have found because of it. I love that my Lust lists have grown due to the books I have found on other people's blogs.  But you know what I'm not a follower either, so yeah maybe I was never a avid follower of Kristi's blog; but I love the IMM idea and will continue to do it, because I LIKE it. Since I never really went on there for anything else but the Sunday post, that's what I will keep doing. I'm not going to stop doing it because other people think we should do so.

That's how it is 'round these parts, if you don't like it?? Feel free to unsubscribe. That's how I feel, for those who are still here, check out the IMM post later. For those of you who don't know what happened BE GLAD, this just allowed people to really let themselves be keyboard brave, knowing that more than half of them would never say any of these things to each others faces. But if your still curious simply click here for Rachel over at Parajunkee's breakdown of the events. You can also click here to hear from the real victims.

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