Sunday 1 April 2012

Adios Blogiesta!!!

Well it's the end of the weekend and we have come to the end of Blogiesta. It has been entertaining, informative and fun, I have learned new tricks, revamped the blog and have met a few new bloggie friends.  I will definitely being doing this again next year!!

Here is my list of things I wanted to get done this weekend:

  1. Clean up the sidebar,  ✔ 3/30
  2. fix my Blog Button  ✔ 3/30
  3. Create the small twitter, amazon., goodreads buttons to help neaten up the sidebar   ✔ 3/30
  4. adjust blog header for Spring  ✔ 3/30
  5. Clear 5 draft posts Completed : 3 Balance:2
  6. Put up two of the Celtic Tree Months posts
  7. Link up all or most of my reviews to Goodreads, amazon, and their prospective challenges  ✔ 3/31
  8. Place the new blog giveaway article up as well as the button
  9. Write up three posts for the week  ✔ 4/01
  10. Complete book reviews for the non reviewed books for this month so far
  11. Make Pages button into a drop down button Couldn't do pages for some reason so I did Labels instead. YAY ✔ 3/31
  12. Update Lust List ✔ 04/06
  13. Update all challenge posts  ✔ 3/31
  14. Put up IMM for this Sunday ✔ 3/31
  15. Clean up Picasa Album, deleting duplicate photos  ✔ 04/06
  16. Fix posts where signatures or photos are missing
  17. Fix posts that need to be adjusted: older book reviews
  18. Put blog signature on early photos
  19. Attempt to fix theme/template to new template ✔ 3/30
  20. Complete challenges for this Blogiesta event ✔ 04/01
That was perhaps a bigger bite than I could chew, I'm still learning about blogs and stuff, but I have gotten a few of the important ones done.  I'm giving myself until the end of the week to clean up a majority of the rest of these.  I loved learning how to do stars on my reviews, I can't wait to keep doing these little tricks.  Thanks so much to everyone who held challenges and to Suey for hosting. 

Be Blessed everyone and see you again next time around


  1. You got some important things done - congrats! And taking it in bites (or saving the rest of the list to finish later) is wise, I think. Yay, Bloggiesta, for making us feel accomplished!

  2. I always feel like I walk away from Bloggiesta learning so much. I did a few of the mini-challenges and plan on going back to do the rest as well as continue working off my list. Of course, as I visit everyone's finish post, I keep finding new things I want to do, so I started a new list that I will hold until the next Bloggiesta.

    1. Yes, I love Bloggiesta, this is my first year and I definetly learned a lot, and saw that I was on the right track with many of the mini challenges because I was already doing those thing. I'm super pumped to get more stuff done this week. good luck on your list as well


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