Monday 30 April 2012

Challenge Recap April

How's it Been So Far:
This month's recap us a quick look at what happened this month in the forms of each challenge.  For the Yoga Challenge I failed miserably, I haven't touched my mat in months & I'm really starting to feel it, not just the guilt of not practicing but in how my body feels, I'm going to make time. I swear!!

As for the soda challenge, it pretty much was a given this month, I only had two days in which I needed the soda to help with some bouts of nausea. I know there are "healthier" sodas out there I see them in the Coop Market that I go to sometimes, & I might check into those as an alternative for the days I might need them. Other than that I did really well. Almost a perfect month of no soda, funny thing?? I didn't even feel the cravings the way I thought I would.  The other two days, where I craved somethings sweet, I'm apparently lactose intolerant now and can't have ice cream, or gods help me chocolate, so instead of getting those I got cherry coke, and it really helped.

Goal for the Month: 28 Books Read: 
Stats:Books Left: 10   Completed: 18  
You can see that I did waaaayy better this month than in March, With it being warmer now, I have been taking my books and heading to the green with a blanket and planting my butt beneath any of the beautiful oak trees to read. It both gets me out the house and helps me connect to the local rythms of the town. I read the following books: * you can click on the highlighted books to see the review*

Advanced Review Book List:
  1. A Sound Among the Trees ~ Susan Meissner ✔ 
  2. A Teaching Handbook for Wiccans and Pagans ~ Thea Sabin ✔ 
  3. Intuition ~ J Meyers ✔ 
  4. Intangible ~ J Meyers  ✔  
  5. Lust Plague ~ Cari Silverwood  ✔
My Own Review:
  1. Salvation in Death ~ JD Robb 
  2. Dark Curse ~ Christine Feehan ✔ 
  3. Dark Peril ~ Christine Feehan ✔ 
  4. Dark Symphony ~ Christine Feehan ✔ 
  5. The Lucky One ~ Nicholas Sparks ✔ 
  6. Heart of Darkness ~ Anthology ✔ 
  7. Undomestic Goddess ~ Sophie Kinsella ✔ 
Bonus & Kindle Freebies:
  1. The Life She left behind ~   Maisey Yates ✔ 
  2. Awake ~Jessica Grey  ✔ 
  3. Coexist ~ Julia Crane  ✔ 
  4. Wicked Mourning ~ Heather Boyd  ✔ 
  5. Shaken & Stirred ~ Sable Jordan  ✔ 
  6. The Lucky Penny ~ Catherine Anderson  ✔   
Goals For Next Month:

May's Book Challenge Post is Here. The Goal again is 28 books. 
As for the Yoga Challenge, My goal is 31 days of Compliance. 
I also have the goal of 31 days for the No Soda Challenge.

From the 1001 Things to do List, My Goal is to complete 25 items in the Month of May.

What are your goals for the month?? What have you complete this month?? Share in the comments.


    1. I gave up soda years ago and had the MOST AWFUL headaches. Then I became diabetic, got tired of just drinking water (before I could have sweet tea and juice) so I started drinking diet coke which I am now addicted to. Ah well.

      1. it's funny the more thing intry to let go the more I seem to cling to others, I guess we all need our comfort food.


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